Sally4Ever - Season 1 Episode 1

For 10 years Sally has lived a dull suburban life with David. But on the night he asks her to marry him, Sally has a crisis and embarks on a wild affair with Emma, a seductive, charismatic, boho actress, singer, musician, poet and author.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Catherine Shepherd , Jane Stanness

Country: UK

Episode: 1/7 eps

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 6.4

Season 1 - Sally4Ever
"Sally's been living a comfortable but crushingly dull life with her partner of 10 years, David. When David makes a poorly timed and feebly executed attempt at a proposal, it sparks in her a personal crisis."
"Emma and Sally are officially an item. Sort of. It's Sally's birthday and her parents are coming for dinner, but Sally is unsure of how to broach the subject of Emma to her very straight-laced, church-going mum and dad. Emma - much less so."
"Sally's company launches a campaign to make eggs sexy. As Emma becomes more needy and more demanding Sally's performance at work begins to suffer. The pair are invited to dinner by old friends of Sally, with unexpected results."
"Sally attends David's father's funeral. Eleanor accuses Sally of flirting with recently divorced colleague Nigel. Emma lands a small part in Dan's film but things go badly on set until she makes an exciting offer to Dan."
"Sally's in trouble with her boss Deborah, who thinks Emma's bad for her, but may have ulterior motives. David meets Sally to tell her he's found someone new. A session with their therapist leads Sally and Emma to make some major decisions."
"It's the annual away day for Sally's marketing department. Emma doesn't want Sally to go, but she puts her foot down and joins her team at the hotel, where Deborah explains that she and Sally will have to share a room."
"Some weeks later, Sally and Emma arrive at a plush Scottish hotel for their honeymoon. Sally falls ill and thinks she may have food poisoning but in fact she is pregnant. 8 months later Sally and Emma bump into Nigel and his new girlfriend."