Trollied - Season 1 Episode 7

Set in Valco, a fictional supermarket in the north-west of England, Trollied is an eight-part sitcom that puts a comic twist on one of our most familiar surroundings. Acting deputy manager ...

Episode: 7/70 eps

Duration: 26 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Trollied
"Things start to crumble as new worker Margaret works as cashier, and Julie gets upset as only two people want to come to her tea party."
"Julie's predecessor, Leanne, pops in - much to her dismay. Margaret attempts to succeed on the tannoy."
"Julie finds her spirits being a bit too lifted after Gavin gives her the Valco manager's handbook. Andy wishes he had never signed up to run the marathon."
"With Gavin away for the day, Julie jumps at the chance to take charge. Trouble looms, however... Meanwhile, Andy bumps into a butcher he's had a beef with in the past."
"Kieran isn't his usual cheeky chappy self after spotting Katie flirting with a shop fitter. Plus, Julie tries to help Gavin move on."
"Julie is in a right pickle when the new area manager and an old friend calls in a favour. Elsewhere, Kieran gets some stick for his 'beard'."
"Kieran's girlfriend has a big question to ask him, and Gavin isn't his usual self after getting, ahem, trollied the night before."
"Julie awaits her interview, and Katie has some bad news for Kieran."
Season 2 - Trollied
"The hit supermarket sitcom reopens for a second series. Julie is a bag of nerves when she meets Gavin's replacement, Lorraine Chain."
"Lorraine announces her big plans for Valco and Julie is distinctly unimpressed. Plus, Kieran's day is likely to be brightened by the return of a familiar face."
"Gavin doesn't feel missed when he returns for his first visit as area manager, not even by Julie. Plus, checkout girl Katie 'enjoys' her first day back at Valco."
"Lorraine's crisis management skills are put to the test when Valco is struck by a bout of the flu. Meanwhile, a hungover Katie struggles to deal with Neville."
"After one mishap too many, Lorraine tells Julie to give Leighton some bad news. Margaret, meanwhile, roots around her family tree and makes a big discovery."
"News of Leighton's sacking doesn't go down well, and it's Julie who receives the brunt of the backlash. The No Nonsense range comes in handy for a pregnant Sue."
"Lorraine ends up venting her anger Julie's way after a pleased Leighton returns to work. Katie lets Kieran know about the latest news involving her love life."
"Gavin and Lorraine are as unlikely a pairing as Spam and ice cream but, with Julie on \"sick leave\", they're forced to work together"
"It's the day of the scheduled fire drill and Julie's still off, so Gavin steps in to brief the troops."
"Julie is welcomed back to a Lorraine-free Valco and, therapy having done the trick, she's noticeably more relaxed; unnervingly so."
"Gavin is hit hard by the death of his dog Chester and, understandably distracted, accidentally leaves out a document detailing staff wages, which Leighton promptly pins up on the noticeboard."
"Gavin assures Julie that he won't make another Lorraine-shaped mistake as the search for her replacement gets under way."
"It's the one-millionth customer promotion, complete with balloon archway and Leighton in the guise of the Valco tick."
"It's Christmas Eve and mayhem ensues when the turkey delivery fails to arrive and there's a big party to look forward to where a certain butcher takes on the role of Santa."
Season 3 - Trollied
"Changes abound as the supermarket sitcom begins its third series. Gavin and Julie meet the new head of strategy, a flashy upstart with big plans for Valco"
"Gavin finds himself at odds with the forward-thinking Richard during a brainstorm for the new Valco Better store. Valco could soon be down a staff member as well when a visit from Emma's dad prompts Kieran to consider moving out of Warrington."
"Richard France's latest brainwave is given the greenlight - a 'suggestion fort' to find out what customers want from the Valco Better store."
"Andy the butcher is smitten by his ex, Sarah and can't wipe the grin off of his face, divulging a few too many details about their date the night before."
"Andy is leaving the Warrington branch of Valco for pastures new. He decides to follow his former flame, Sarah, to Scarborough."
"Richard France is really starting to rub people up the wrong way..."
"Richard France sets out to make Gavin more approachable, a two-hit strategy involving a hoodie and the removal of the manager's office door. Is this the last straw for Gavin?"
"Staff gather for the night shift to give the store the final once-over ahead of its reopening, but emotions run high after Julie misconstrues a conversation she heard between France and Anna, and reports back to Gavin."
"France pulls out all the stops for the big reopening, booking a celebrity shopper in the form of Kelly Brook. An unimpressed Gavin, meanwhile, crosses the line."
"The fallout between Gavin and France is the talk of the store, even more so when Julie is temporarily promoted to manager. Plus, Katie makes a discovery."
"Gavin is back at work and doing his best to be a bit more like France. Plus, Colin and Lisa's stag and hen dos are almost upon them."
"Julie and France are gearing up for the supermarket awards, and the former is concerned about the drop in the number of customers since the makeover."
"The supermarket awards are here, and France hatches a dastardly plan to fool the judges."
"The supermarket sitcom returns for a festive one-off that sees Gavin invite Julie over for Christmas dinner. She is excited at the prospect of a smooch under the mistletoe - so much so that she turns down an opportunity to head up the Widnes branch of Valco - but things don't turn out quite the way she expected. It's business as usual elsewhere as Lisa showcases her enviable customer-service skills and Colin and Leighton wage war against a group of carol-singing scouts, while a brewing snowstorm threatens everyone's holiday plans."
Season 4 - Trollied
"A raft of newbies join Valco and Colin is horrified when he recognises one of the fresh faces strolling down the aisle - it's his nan, Rose!"
"Gavin happily welcomes assistant manager Daniel into the Valco family. Stress levels rise, however, when new till girl Charlie is also added to the mix."
"Some fake banknotes are doing the rounds and, egged on by Lisa, Rose shops an innocent customer. Daniel tries to find the perfect position for Charlie, too."
"Brian struggles to hide his scepticism when first aid training gets under way, while security guard Ian is outfoxed by an unwelcome visitor to the store."
"Management fear an uprising when canteen prices are hiked up. Elsewhere in the store, the simmering feud between Rose and Lisa boils over."
"Management fear an uprising when canteen prices are hiked up. Elsewhere in the store, the simmering feud between Rose and Lisa boils over."
"Gavin is determined to make Charlie look good when dad Brendan swings by the store. Plus, Colin forces Rose and Lisa to resolve their differences."
"It's time to shut up shop as series four concludes. Charity day arrives at Valco and everyone is doing their bit to help. Rose eyes the big draw prize, too."
Season 5 - Trollied
"Gavin relays the shocking news that rival chain Lauda is due to open on Valco's patch. While the news worries the rest of the staff, Gavin remains unconcerned. That is until he learns that the store will be run by notorious manager Cheryl Fairweather."
"With barely a customer in Valco's aisles, Gavin sends a team of spies into new rival supermarket Lauda. Later, its ruthless new manager Cheryl pays him a visit."
"Everyone is on high alert when Valco boss Brendan O'Connor descends on the store. Plus, pharmacist Brian asks Margaret for help with an audition."
"Gavin decides to fight back when he shows up at work to find a huge Lauda truck blocking Valco's entrance. Charlie discovers an embarassing secret about Daniel."
"Sparks fly when Gavin and Cheryl are forced to spend the day in close quarters. Plus, it's Sue's birthday. But will anyone have remembered her big day?"
"Gavin struggles to keep his romance with Cheryl under wraps. Brian starts acting strangely when a blood bank sets up in store. Charlie makes a huge decision."
"Brian panics when Margaret spots an unwelcomed guest on the shop floor. Meanwhile, a much-in-love Gavin begins to worry that Cheryl isn't what she seems."
"A treasure hunt is held to celebrate 50 years of Valco value. Meanwhile, despite his best efforts, Gavin can't avoid confronting his and Cheryl's situation."
"It's Christmas Eve and Gavin is doing is best Scrooge impersonation. An old friend drops by for a visit. Colin is a surprisingly good Santa. But who is Frank?"
Season 6 - Trollied
"Valco finally announces its new area manager while new sales rep Duncan ruffles a few feathers. Gavin's thoughts turn to the amount of cheap unhealthy food that Valco sells."
"New area manager Cheryl struggles to keep a lid on her private life, while Neville is brimming with confidence when he helps new shelf-stacker Shai."
"No description"
"It's Gavin and Cheryl's 11-month anniversary so Gavin plans a romantic afternoon. But when Duncan catches wind of their plans he starts to meddle..."
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"No description"
"It's Christmas Eve and Gavin has an important proposal for Cheryl, but when a bid to throw her off the scent spectacularly backfires, he is left desperate to make amends. Brian returns to the store and is clearly unimpressed with humble new pharmacist Alan, while Colin and Lisa witness something horrifying and the spark between Katie and Daniel becomes clearer than ever at the Valco Christmas party."
Season 7 - Trollied
"Gavin's planning a record Christmas Eve at Valco, but new employee Tim plans to take advantage of the situation."
"A big announcement means a shake-up at the store and Gavin's not happy."
"Gavin struggles to hire a night manager as Valco gets set to open 24 hours. Scatty candidate Lou applies. And she could just be the final straw."
"Cheryl starts to seriously regret leaving Gavin in charge of the wedding plans. Katie's left to show Lou the ropes - and that's not something that proves easy."
"It's the launch of Valco 24 and Lou's got a stunning night display up her sleeve. Hot newbie Craig means Linda's keen to work the first night shift."
"Gavin's in for a shock as his mum pays a surprise visit. Katie takes on the staff's appraisals. And she doesn't hold back when it comes to Colin."
"Gavin's out for answers when there's a fire during the night shift. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to make Colin's childhood dream a reality."
"Gavin's got some serious amends to make after Lou uncovers his devious plan. Brian gets more than he bargained for when he opens a pharmacy consultation room."
"Gavin makes the ultimate sacrifice in a desperate bid to fix things with Cheryl. Oblivious to the tension, Colin and Lisa plan their stag and hen dos."