Aloha Builds


Actor: Michelle Jaime , David Jaime

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - Aloha Builds
"Brother-and-sister duo Michelle and David Jaime take on a massive amount of walls that have closed off a photography couple's dream house."
"A couple reaches a standstill during demolition, so David and Michelle come to the rescue to save their remodel."
"Michelle and David Jaime rearrange a whole house for a growing family in need of a new kitchen, dining room and master bedroom."
"Michelle and David are challenged to fix a previous remodel that has left half of a home stuck in the 1980s."
"Daniel, Kahina and their new baby live in a charming house built in 1931, but the miniscule master closet is being overrun by Daniel's Hawaiian shirt collection. The bathroom features an unusable walk-in tub and no shower, forcing the couple to use an outdoor shower every day. David and Michelle Jaime come to the rescue, designing a spacious master closet, installing storage and a workstation in the adjacent hallway and redesigning the bathroom to include a traditional tub and shower. Michelle also creates a custom design for the nursery inspired by the family's beloved Hawaiian shirts."
"A couple with an unfinished basement apartment that they would like to rent out call in David and Michelle Jaime to finish off the work. The siblings bring in natural wood tones and durable kitchen finishes, adding their signature Hawaiian touch."
"A young family calls on David and Michelle Jaime to update their home that was built in the 1950s. The interior and exterior project involves opening up the floor plan of the kitchen and living room and taking advantage of the stunning view with a new wraparound deck. But the house sits atop a steep hill that causes challenges with deliveries and materials."
"Born and raised Hawaiians David and Michelle Jaime help newlyweds Alex and Megan transform a dated property into a beach house perfect for entertaining."
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