Australian Story

Acclaimed biographical documentary series broadcast continuously on ABC TV since 1996. Australian Story is known for its narratorless story telling style where the subject tells their own ...

Genre: Documentary

Country: Australia

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1996

IMDb: 7.7

Season 21 - Australian Story
"The forgotten man: Peter Hall completed the Sydney Opera House after Danish architect Jorn Utzon resigned. But he was pilloried for his efforts. He died broken and destitute."
"Mystery at sea: Two men leave on the trip of a lifetime, but only one returns. Now family and friends embark on a quest to solve this baffling disappearance in the remote Pacific Ocean."
15 Feb 2016
"This week's program returns to the remarkable story of Barry 'Nugget' Rees, who for more than five decades has been revered and nurtured by Australia's cricketing elite. Nugget rose from ..."
22 Feb 2016
"International rugby union star David Pocock and his partner Emma take Australian Story back to his homeland Zimbabwe where, as a child, dramatic events shaped the passion that drives him ..."
29 Feb 2016
"International rugby union star David Pocock and his partner Emma take Australian Story back to his homeland Zimbabwe where, as a child, dramatic events shaped the passion that drives him ..."
07 Mar 2016
"When Dr Rodney Syme was unable to alleviate the unbearable pain suffered by a cancer patient many years ago, it triggered what he calls his \"epiphany\". \"I could hear her screaming, as I ..."
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04 Apr 2016
"Paul White or 'Whitey' to his mates is an unstoppable force. He's the bush copper turned CEO of the Brisbane Broncos, one of Australia's most successful sporting clubs. But that unstoppable..."
11 Apr 2016
"On 28th April 1996, more than 500 tourists were visiting the historic site of Port Arthur in Tasmania. At lunchtime, a lone gunman armed with three military rifles and over 400 rounds of ..."
18 Apr 2016
"For the first time on TV Michelle Bridges and her family talk about her becoming a mum at 45, her relationship with 'Commando' Steve Willis and taking on the junk food industry. The program..."
25 Apr 2016
"In 2006 Nicola and Jim Walker received the news that every parent dreads. Their two-year-old daughter Abby was diagnosed with leukaemia, a life-threatening illness. Abby's parents hit upon ..."
02 May 2016
"As one of Australia's first Indigenous doctors Mark Wenitong combines his skills as a physician and a musician to fight ill health in Far North Queensland, including a looming Ice epidemic...."
09 May 2016
"Twelve years ago Danielle Tindle came back from the brink of death to survive Hodgkin's Lymphoma. By extraordinary coincidence, it was her own father's groundbreaking stem-cell research ..."
16 May 2016
"George Palmer is one of the most intriguing figures in Australian music. During a 35-year-career as a barrister and later a Supreme Court judge, he harboured a private passion as a composer..."
23 May 2016
"This compelling two-part program gives a powerful insight into one of the most controversial cases in Australian military history. At the centre of the story is Dave, a highly skilled ..."
06 Jun 2016
"Celebrating 20 years of Australian Story - Part one of an anniversary special that revisits memorable moments and reveals the untold stories behind them."
13 Jun 2016
"In this final 20th anniversary episode, we look back on some of the powerful stories about crime, sport, politics and the changing nature of families."
20 Jun 2016
"The news that a homeless man had been stabbed to death in early 2014 shocked Melbourne. In the days that followed, people flocked to the CBD, giving food and blankets to those in need. The ..."
27 Jun 2016
"Farmer Pat Murphy and his family moved to their 'dream property' at Maules Creek in New South Wales seven years ago. They were optimistic about the future, with plans to sub-divide their ..."
04 Jul 2016
"David Batty is the maverick outback film-maker shining a light on Aboriginal life and history."
11 Jul 2016
"When Paul Pritchard returned to Tasmania's majestic Totem Pole rock pillar it was the culmination of an 18-year journey."
18 Jul 2016
"If you live in the bush it's hard to get the same level of medical care as you can in the city, but now a doctor has come up with an ambitious idea to change all that. Rolf Gomes started ..."
25 Jul 2016
"Mojgan Shamsalipoor fled terrible personal trauma in her home country, Iran, and found sanctuary in Brisbane where she was able to live in the community while awaiting a decision on her ..."
01 Aug 2016
"When 16-year-old music student James Morrison met legendary jazz man Don Burrows in 1978, it was one of the biggest turning points in his life. After hearing James play, Don immediately ..."
08 Aug 2016
"Murray Rose became a national hero at the age of 17, after winning three gold medals at the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956. But he was much more than just a fast swimmer. To many, he ..."
15 Aug 2016
"Sixteen-year-old Georgie Stone has battled prejudice, bullying and even legal hurdles to become the remarkable young woman she is today. As a transgender teen, Georgie is now trying to use ..."
21 Aug 2016
29 Aug 2016
"Women have been playing Australian Rules Football in local clubs for decades but that's as far as they've been able to go. Now this is all about to change, with the launch of a National AFL..."
"No description"
12 Sep 2016
"From tinkering together in a shed, Cedar and Stuart are now running a complex international company. Australian Story revisits the Andersons to see how the success of their company has changed their lives."
19 Sep 2016
"An old fashioned love story with a modern day twist. Country singer Beccy Cole wants to tie the knot with her partner, cabaret singer Libby O'Donovan. But will the law be changed to allow same sex marriage."
26 Sep 2016
"Growing up, cousins Deb Drummond and Jan Teunis knew very little about the shadowy figure that was their grandfather Reg Brown."
03 Oct 2016
"When Michael Cox and Taylor Anderton became an item their parents were delighted their adult children, who both have Down syndrome, had found love. But now the families question if the couple is ready for marriage and children."
10 Oct 2016
"Talitha Cummins describes herself as the modern face of a recovering alcoholic: she's young, professional, educated and high-functioning."
17 Oct 2016
"Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner made headlines earlier this year when she was jailed in Beirut, along with a 60 Minutes crew and a child recovery team. What began as a custody battle had now turned into an international incident."
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21 Nov 2016
"Five years ago, Khaled Naanaa was 25, recently married and working as a nurse in a major hospital in the Syrian city of Damascus. He and his wife Joumana were just starting their lives ..."
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Season 23 - Australian Story
"Australian Story returns with an exclusive behind-the-scenes invitation to the wedding not everyone in the family wanted, as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's sister Christine Forster marries her partner Virginia Flitcroft."
"When scientist Jim Bowler discovered an ancient skeleton in outback New South Wales 44 years ago, he had no idea it would change history. But Mungo Man's descendants have been fighting for the return of his bones ever since."
"From Sydney's Western Suburbs all the way to London's Covent Garden, Australian dancers Steven McRae and Alexander Campbell compete for the ultimate prize in the world of dance."
"When medical student Dinesh Palipana was left a quadriplegic after a horrific car accident, he was told he would never become a doctor. Now he's one of the top young medicos in a busy hospital."
"Outback nurse Gayle Woodford was working alone at night in the remote community of Fregon when she vanished. This investigation reveals the issues behind her disappearance and the dangers for medical staff in the outback."
"The Matildas women's football team is riding high after a year of headline-grabbing wins. But the team's success has been decades in the making; players have battled for equality and recognition for 40 years."
"Eddie Woo first came to prominence with \"Wootube\" - his free YouTube maths channel. In the year since Australian Story profiled Eddie Woo, he's gone from suburban high school maths teacher to award-winning celebrity."
"Justin Yerbury's family history of motor neurone disease inspired him to swap a basketball career for a science degree. Now a world expert on MND, his search for a treatment has taken on a terrible urgency."
"When a war-torn commando takes on an uncaring defence establishment he has little idea of the backlash to follow. After an intensely personal battle, Mick Bainbridge is now helping other young soldiers take up the fight."
"A young woman grapples with a deadly diagnosis while waging a campaign against the biggest cancer killer of her generation."
"It's a decade since Dassi Erlich and her two sisters began campaigning to bring their former headmistress Malka Leifer to justice. As they edge towards their goal they reveal the personal cost of their extraordinary battle."
"Dassi Erlich and her sisters' campaign to extradite their former headmistress from Israel to Australia takes a dramatic twist when an undercover operation produces compelling new evidence."
"Twenty months after Claudine Fitzgibbon underwent groundbreaking surgery to help her unborn child, Australian Story checks in to see how baby Harvey is progressing."
"A charismatic choirmaster takes a group of women from central Australia to Germany on an unlikely and remarkable road trip."
"When baby Massimo Damiani was struck down by a mystery disease, his father set out to discover its genetic origins. After a stunning scientific breakthrough Stephen Damiani is now helping to develop a radical new treatment."
"When the body of Mark Haines was found on the train tracks near Tamworth in 1988, police quickly dismissed any idea of foul play. But after a 5 year investigation, journalist Allan Clarke believes he may have found the truth."
"As journalist Allan Clarke digs deeper into events on the night Mark Haines died he discovers more about his last few hours. As he cracks the case wide open he is led to the man he believes is the killer."
"Serving a 30-year prison sentence for killing four of her young children, Kathleen Folbigg speaks for the first time about her case. As she seeks a judicial review, an independent forensic pathologist reviews the evidence."
"One of the toughest jobs in town comes up for grabs at Sydney's Wayside Chapel when pastor Graham Long decides to retire. Having ministered the homeless and vulnerable for the past 14 years, who can he find to fill his shoes?"
"Mark and Julie Wallace faced every parent's worst nightmare when their 21-year-old daughter Sara Zelenak was killed in a London terror attack last year. Now they're channelling their energies into creating a fitting legacy."
"From a homeless alcoholic living in the wild to academic success and a book deal - the amazing comeback story of forest dweller Gregory Smith."
"The case of missing Sydney mother Lyn Dawson has captivated audiences around the world since the release of The Teacher's Pet podcast. The next chapter of the story features exclusive interviews with friends and family."
"Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins looks back over the most challenging year of her life and speaks exclusively about her health problems, marriage breakdown and plans for the future."
"The town of Whyalla, SA was facing extinction when the owner of the local steelworks went bust. Desperate to save their jobs, employees voted for a pay cut which was rewarded when billionaire Sanjeev Gupta came to town."
"Taryn Brumfitt is behind a global movement inspiring women to make peace with their bodies. Tired of striving for an impossible ideal she proudly posted a photograph of her 'real' self online. The response was extraordinary."
"Samuel Symons, son of TV personality Red Symons, inspired everyone around him during his courageous battle with cancer. He passed away last week at age 27. His mother Elly introduces this Australian Story from 2010."
"Prince Harry spoke exclusively to Australian Story ahead of the Invictus Games which will open in Sydney. One of the competitors will be Garry Robinson, a former commando who narrowly survived a Black Hawk helicopter crash."
"For over a decade, Australian Story has followed farmer Peter Andrews and his controversial methods to drought-proof the land. During one of the worst droughts in memory the results at Mulloon Creek are giving cause for hope."
"The extraordinary ongoing story of Justin Yerbury, a world expert on motor neurone disease who has developed the condition himself. Despite complications from major surgery in January, his achievements continue to amaze."
"As former Deputy PM Tim Fischer battles a life-threatening illness, he takes solace in knowing his autistic adult son has found his place in the world. At 25, Harrison now works helping primary schoolers and has his own home."
"Two boys from rival schools suffer catastrophic spinal damage on the Rugby field, ending up in hospital together. As they contemplate possible quadriplegia they discover a strength of character far beyond their years."
"When celebrity TV doctor Kerryn Phelps first spoke about her same-sex relationship on Australian Story in 1998, it was revolutionary. 20 years later we catch up with the newly-elected Wentworth MP and her journey to Canberra."
"As another terrible bushfire season approaches, Australian Story looks at the tragic case of Black Saturday arsonist Brendan Sokaluk and asks what lessons we can learn."
"No description"
Season 24 - Australian Story
"Legendary actor Jack Thompson was 48 hours away from death when his kidneys failed, forcing him into a lifetime of dialysis treatment. A purple truck from the desert kept him alive to film his most important role yet."
"A disillusioned young outback doctor experiences a series of traumatic events that lead to the most positive and unexpected of outcomes."
"Remember the life of legendary broadcaster Mike Willesee who died of throat cancer in March 2019. Mike's career spanned five decades, shaping current affairs in Australia and was known as the best interviewer in the business."
"Survivors of the morning sickness drug Thalidomide take their fight for justice to Canberra's Parliament House in a last-ditch battle for recognition, compensation and an apology."
"The extraordinary story of Behrouz Boochani, the stateless refugee who won Australia's richest literary award while living on Manus Island, but remains unable to set foot in this country."
"The Seekers blazed a trail for Australian music during the 1960's. In a television first, all four members come together to reminisce about their ride to the top and reveal the pain behind their famous break-up."