Bangkok Airport

Series in which young Brits pass through Bangkok airport to embark on adventures of a lifetime.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.6

Season 1 - Bangkok Airport
"Young Brits pass through Bangkok airport to embark on adventures of a lifetime. John escapes death by a whisker, while Matt is stranded without a ticket."
"We meet Bay, the superstar of VAT refunds, and Dr Geng, the airport doctor with his very own fan club. Competition hots up for the airport's annual awards, but not every customer is satisfied"
"A bossy airport immigration officer fights the war on queue jumping, and a French tourist faces deportation. Meanwhile, a Buddhist monk loses his sister, a Geordie loses his juggling stick and a young woman becomes angry when she is turned away from her flight. Plus, debates spark over whether the Customs office is haunted"
"Romance blossoms for immigration officers Bert and Nat on Valentine's Day, while Captain Jack shares the secrets of a successful marriage. Meanwhile, a man flies in for cosmetic surgery, a Liverpudlian introduces his parents to his new Thai boyfriend, and a Swiss traveller is stood up by his internet girlfriend"
"A man from London is stranded at the airport after having his passport stolen, and a British veteran of the War in Afghanistan is down to his last 20 pence - until the Tourist Police step in. A young Australian tourist's plans are threatened by a panic attack, a Swedish backpacker is savaged by a dog, and concern grows for the safety of an Indian traveller."
"A party on an island takes a turn for the worse for two British women, while an unhappy tourist tries to strangle an official. The English Thai boxing team arrives at the airport, with its members hoping to beat the locals at their own game, and immigration's Captain Jack is concerned as political unrest sweeps through Thailand."