Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

Bizarre Foods - Delicious Destinations is a series that features the not-to-be-missed legendary foods that define a location. These are the unique dishes we're willing to travel halfway ...

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Andrew Zimmern

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.1

Season 1 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
"Athens, Greece, is the birthplace of many culinary traditions, and Andrew explores the classics, from stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita to moussaka and real Greek yogurt, still made the way it\u2019s been done for generations."
"In the City of Love, Andrew Zimmern explores the delicious delicacies of Paris, from indulgent steak frites and croque monsieur to baked croissants and baguettes to sweet macarons and savory crepes"
"New York City is a melting pot of ethnicities and cuisines. Andrew explores the iconic foods from the Big Apple, such as mile-high pastrami sandwiches, bagels and lox, pizza by the slice and the American hamburger."
"London is a multicultural melting pot, and Andrew Zimmern explores the dishes that have passed the test of time. He samples traditional British fare, from Yorkshire pudding to the classic pies 'n' mash to fish 'n' chips."
"Florence may have an artistic reputation but Andrew is more interested in its culinary contributions. In this episode, Andrew explores the classics like rare Florentine steak, thick ribollita soup, the original cappuccino and the world-famous frozen dessert, gelato."
"Boston is known for its illustrious history, but this week we\u2019re focused on its food! From New England clam chowder to the hotel where Boston cream pie and Parker House rolls were invented, join Andrew as he explores Boston\u2019s legendary cuisine."
"Andrew visits Barcelona, Spain, a coastal city that draws its edible inspiration directly from the mountains and sea. From tapas to crema Catalana, the foods of this Mediterranean city reflect history and culture in every bite."
"New Orleans is a vibrant, eclectic city, and its cuisine has been infused with a multitude of culinary influences. Andrew Zimmern explores the classic dishes, from po'boys and gumbo to oysters Rockefeller and bananas Foster."
"Tokyo is a world leader in everything from finance to technology \u2014 and food! In a spectacular city known for such edible icons as sushi and tempura, Andrew Zimmern explores just what makes this destination so delicious."
"As the proud capital of Bavaria \u2014 and beer drinking \u2014 Munich has built a cuisine around hearty dishes meant to stick to the bones. From schnitzel and spaetzle to kneidel and cake, Andrew Zimmern reveals Munich's festival of foods!"
"As the Gateway to the West, St. Louis has built a reputation for homegrown goodness on the backs of its hardworking people. Andrew Zimmern explores such edible icons as St. Louis-style barbecue, toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake."
"Andrew takes us to Zurich, where Switzerland's most famous foods originated. From warm, gooey fondue to Swiss chocolate made with a modern twist, this city is home to some of the most indulgent comfort foods in the world!"
"The city of Hong Kong's 7 million residents flock daily to its many restaurants, street carts and noodle houses. From dim sum to congee to roast goose, Andrew Zimmern finds out just what makes this destination so delicious!"
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Season 2 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
"Look no further than San Francisco, California for the best eating on the West Coast! Built on classics like Dungeness Crab Louie and sourdough bread, Andrew Zimmern discovers just what makes the City by the Bay so delectable."
"In a country celebrated for its colorful culture, Jamaica's heritage-rich food lives up to the hype. Andrew Zimmern explores island icons from jerk chicken and mannish water soup, to curry goat, blue mountain coffee, and gizzadas."
"In the modern city known for its southern hospitality, Atlanta's comfort food is king. From fried chicken and peach cobbler to soul food and sweet tea, Andrew Zimmern explores the iconic eats that keep the hungry heading south."
"Los Angeles, California is the capital of stardom - and that includes its cuisine! In a city known for such edible icons as Korean tacos and the LA street dog, Andrew Zimmern explores just what makes this destination so delicious."
"Mexico City has the most people of any city in the western hemisphere, and they all love to eat! Home to some of the best street food on earth, Andrew Zimmern explores tasty traditions like barbacoa, chicharrone, and huarache."
"In Poland's capital city of Warsaw, the Slavic culture is rich and the hearty food sticks with you through the winter. From pierogi to zapiekanka to paczki, Andrew Zimmern explores the iconic eats that Poles hold as tradition."
"In a city celebrated for its beloved beverages, Dublin, Ireland's food does not disappoint! Andrew Zimmern examines edible Irish icons from smoked salmon, soda bread, and stew to boxty, black pudding, and of course, Guinness!"
"Look no further than the picture-perfect city of Amsterdam for the best eating in the Netherlands! Built on simple classics like bitterballen and herring, Andrew Zimmern discovers what makes the Dutch destination so delicious."
"Known as The City of Saints, Montreal, Canada is blessed with a cuisine formed by global flavors. From poutine to smoked meat to hand-rolled bagels, Andrew Zimmern digs in to the iconic eats that keep the hungry heading to Quebec."
"From high-end restaurants to tucked-away eateries, Chicago, Illinois is a world class food paradise. Andrew Zimmern explores Windy City classics from deep dish pizza and all-beef hot dogs to chicken vesuvio and Garrett popcorn."
"Miami's beaches and glitzy nightlife make it an international hot spot, but it's the food that really gives this city flavor. From Cuban sandwiches to fresh stone crabs and key lime pie, Andrew reveals Miami's iconic foods."
Season 3 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
"From Chicago's Italian Beef to Paris's Croque Monsieur to Miami's Cuban, Andrew takes us on a world tour by sandwich. Fresh breads, moist meats and secret sauces prove a winning combination for eaters on the go all over the globe."
"Andrew showcases some of the world's most iconic desserts! The sweet temptations include the custard-filled sponge cake known as Boston cream pie, Germany's Black Forest Cake and Montreal's maple syrup-laden pouding chomeur."
"Andrew looks at some of the world's favorite comfort foods. From Swiss style mac and cheese in Zurich to pierogis in Warsaw to classic southern fried chicken in Atlanta, these classic dishes will warm you up and make you feel good!"
"In the city where napkins are necessity and BBQ is religion, Andrew explores Memphis's iconic eats. From fried catfish and thick bologna to juicy ribs and the famous Elvis sandwich, Andrew uncovers flavors found only in Memphis."
"Andrew turns to Philadelphia,a city with a chip on its shoulder , for iconic meals demanding to be loved! From cheese steak to water ice to scrapple, this town's famous flavors and historic recipes will knock your taste buds out."
"Andrew explores Singapore's famous foods. The cuisine illustrates the blend of cultures with dishes ranging from the sweet and savory chili crab to the extravagant fish head curry, to tasty marinated skewered meats known as satay."
"Andrew explores famous foods in the Twin Cities. From walleye and wild rice to classics like tater tot hot dish and bundt cake to the iconic cheeseburger known as the Jucy Lucy burger, there's lots on the menu in Minnesota!"
"From popular street snacks to classic homemade stews, Andrew reveals iconic foods of Manila. Succulent whole roasted pork, crispy batter-fried quail eggs, and a sweet treat made with ice cream and fermented beans are on the menu."
"Andrew reveals the iconic foods of Providence. Local favorites include hot wieners made with a special meat sauce, Johnny cakes, coffee milk, grilled pizza, and the legendary Rhode Island clam chowder."
"From delicate Dungeness crab to succulent shellfish at the raw bars, Andrew explores Seattle's most famous foods. Tasty salmon sandwiches, fresh edomae sushi, and the juicy Seattle-style hot dog are all on the menu."
"The ocean and the mountains provide plenty of bounty in Lima. From ceviche made with the freshest fish to ice cream made with exotic tropical fruits, Andrew uncovers the most famous foods in this Peruvian city by the sea!"
"Andrew explores Marseille's iconic food. This port city is packed with local delicacies such as fisherman's stew fresh from the Mediterranean, fruity confections fit for royalty and France's answer to pizza."
"Andrew digs into the edible icons of Albuquerque, a delicious desert hotspot. Rich in Native American and Spanish tradition, the city boasts green chile cheese burgers and enchiladas, wafer-thin beef jerky, and native nut rolls!"
"Andrew explores the sky-high flavors of Bogota, Colombia. This mountaintop city keeps warm with hearty potato soup, whole-roasted stuffed pork, egg filled arepas, their unique take on the tamale, and cheesy hot chocolate!"
"Andrew reveals the top tastes of Louisville, Kentucky, the home of country ham and derby pie. Locals value their stately standards from rolled oysters and a hot turkey sandwich to backwoods burgoo stew and their own brand of BBQ."
"Andrew explores iconic eats of Lisbon, Portugal, where seafood reigns supreme, from sardines to shellfish feasts. Late-night snacks are piled with pork and soups overflow with sausage. And dessert is a religious experience, too."
Season 4 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
"Andrew Zimmern explores the country classics of Nashville, from hot chicken to chess pie. Other Music City mainstays range from heaven-sent biscuits smothered in gravy to barbecue juicy enough to make you sing!"
"From tender kangaroo to light, delicate Pavlova, Andrew Zimmern highlights the sweet and savory dishes of Sydney, Australia. Modern twists to old classics make hearty meat pies, rich Sunday Roasts and sweet Moreton Bay Bugs crowd pleasers."
"Andrew explores the favorite foods of Pittsburgh - home to a half-pound fish sandwich! A working-class town built on hearty recipes like kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and pierogi, Pittsburgh pride is served with fries on the side."
"Andrew explores the edible icons of Taipei, Taiwan, a place where the dumplings can be dangerous and who you share the meal with is as important as the meal itself. He uncovers this capital city's best regional favorites like crab hot pot, pork dumpling..."
"Andrew Zimmern digs into Cajun Country's finger-licking staple dishes inspired by the area's French-speaking Acadian ancestors, including peppery boudin sausage, cayenne-spiked crawfish, iconic gumbo and crispy-fried frog legs."
"Andrew unveils the must-have bites of Ho Chi Minh City, the economic and cultural center of Vietnam. After a thousand years of Chinese occupation and a century of French colonialism, the city has a rich history and the food lives up to its legacy. From loaded sandwiches to savory soups, this youthful city has something for everyone."
"Andrew highlights San Diego's sun-soaked cuisine, served surfside. The laid-back beach town is known for its Mexican-inspired fish tacos, octopus tostadas, Filipino chicken adobo, So-Cal monster burritos, and a globally-loved hometown salad."
Season 5 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
"Andrew Zimmern reveals the iconic eats of Asheville, N.C. The eclectic food city features tangy barbecue, decadent sweet potato pie, mouthwatering fried chicken, succulent rainbow trout and giant soft-dough biscuits with savory gravy."
"Andrew highlights the culinary treasures of Venice, Italy, including paper-thin cuts of beef Carpaccio, espresso-soaked tiramisu and cuttlefish stewed in its own ink."
"Andrew Zimmern is in Manhattan for foods that have earned their place as culinary staples in an ever-changing city. From juicy pastrami on rye to black and white cookies, he finds proof that New York is home to some of the best restaurants and highest standards in the world."
"Andrew Zimmern explores the big and bold flavors that are decidedly Dallas -- from comforting chicken fried steak and sweet, creamy pecan pie to hearty tortilla soup and steak aged for 240 days."
"From lobster roll sandwiches and fresh East Coast oysters to Italian sandwiches and whoopie pies, Andrew Zimmern shows that the seaside city of Portland, Maine, is loaded with classic New England fare."
"Andrew Zimmern reveals the foods of Santorini. Bursting with beauty and culinary icons of near-mythical proportion, the Greek island is home to tomato fritters, lamb fricassee and nautical ..."
"Andrew Zimmern samples some of the best cuisine St. John's, Newfoundland, has to offer. From succulent blue mussels steamed in local beer and creamy cod au gratin to hearty moose stew and ..."
"From sweet and savory BBQ pork and enormously artful mountains of lobster to herbaceous Jamaican flatbreads and sinfully gooey butter tarts, Andrew showcases the diverse eats of Toronto, ..."
"Andrew Zimmern showcases the Tex-Mex favorites of San Antonio, Texas, including puffy tacos and a giant chalupa burger. Other featured foods include slow-cooked brisket, melt-in-your-mouth barbacoa and marinated stuffed quail cooked over mesquite."
"Andrew Zimmern dives into the flavor-packed favorites of Savannah, Georgia, like creamy shrimp and grits, briny oysters in a half shell, upscale crab bisque and down-home barbecue stew so thick it'll make your spoon stand up."
"From the blistering \"Hot Pot\" and fiery Mapo Tofu to spicy Kung Pao Chicken, Andrew Zimmern explores the famous scorching dishes that make Chengdu, China, a delicious destination."
"From piping-hot fried dumplings and handmade egg noodles to veggie-stuffed flatbread and curried swordfish, Andrew Zimmern showcases the flavorful fusions of the island paradise of Mauritius."
Season 6 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations
Season 7 - Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations