Women knowing what they want and stepping on everybody who get in their way prior to their wedding day.

Genre: Comedy , Reality

Director: Mary Pelloni

Country: USA

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 4.1

Season 11 - Bridezillas
"A bride battles her fianc\u00e9's family; a social-media obsessed bride has a fear of missing out and breaks down when her bachelorette plans are ruined."
"QueenZilla Ruby's royal wedding may be an epic fail when the venue threatens to shut her down! NaughtyZilla Crystal's wild bachelorette party goes too far when a fight breaks out & an ambulance is called."
"Crystal confronts her groom over his ex. Ebony battles a bridesmaid on her wedding day."
Season 12 - Bridezillas
"CelebZilla Shannon's celebrity wedding may be a fail when the bridesmaid dresses cause her to have a major meltdown; HangryZilla Jasyln loses it at her wild bachelorette party when the stripper, Lethal, hooks up with a bridesmaid."
"CelebZilla Shannon battles her groom when her over-the-top dress breaks the budget; UndeciZilla Dani wars with competing CousinZilla Clara who threatens to ruin her wedding day."
"CelebZilla Shannon's wild bachelorette party goes off the rails and threatens her celebrity wedding; MeanGirlZilla Clara battles CousinZilla in an epic meltdown, then her bridesmaids face off."
"MeanGirlZilla Clara battles bridesmaids on her wedding day, but it's CousinZilla's clap-back surprise that shocks all; DIYZilla Sparkela is stunned by an outrageous striptease at her bachelorette party."
"JerseyZilla Holly stuns her groom with a prenuptial agreement, then jealousy strikes when a bar brawl breaks out with her old flame and sister-wife; DIYZilla Sparkela is furious when she finds out her groom has invited his ex-wife to the wedding."
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