Britain's Busiest Airport: Heathrow

Documentary series about Heathrow Airport, London, England, UK.

Genre: Documentary

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8.7

Season 1 - Britain's Busiest Airport: Heathrow
"This episode follows Heathrow staff racing against the clock to process thousands of passengers arriving from 84 different countries. Airside Safety Officer Glenn and his colleagues work closely with Air Traffic Control to keep Heathrow\u2019s two runways open and clear of debris. Meanwhile, staff from the Animal Reception Centre welcome a variety of weird and wonderful animals \u2013 from pet ferrets to a wild tiger. Inside the terminals, Heathrow staff deal with passengers including a man who is stuck living at the airport after being deported from Thailand, and a family whose young relatives have got lost in Arrivals."
"This episode follows Heathrow staff struggling to turn around hundreds of arriving planes, and get them back into the air on time. Cleaners, ground staff and flight crew race to get the world\u2019s biggest passenger plane ready for departure. Meanwhile Heathrow prepares to open a \u00a32bn new terminal, and welcomes a very special royal guest. Airport duty manager Andy is called on to defuse a major international protest, and a team of workers battle the elements as they attempt to resurface the runway overnight in time for the first flight of the morning."
"This episode follows Heathrow staff trying to process 100,000 departing passengers a day, and get their flights away on time. Dispatcher Callie and Ramp Manager Steve have their plans thrown into chaos by a passenger who disappears after checking on to their flight. In Security, Sundeep and his team have to search an unusually dressed traveller, and deal with a man who is unhappy about having his bag searched. Meanwhile, Heathrow\u2019s extradition team ensures police suspects are put on departing flights, while paparazzi photographer Kate is on the lookout for celebrities flying through the airport."
Season 2 - Britain's Busiest Airport: Heathrow
"Heavy fog throws Heathrow into turmoil and new terminal manager Callum is faced with hundreds of angry and stranded passengers stuck overnight at the airport, while visibility has dropped to less than 100m on the airfield and safety officer Chris is forced to marshal planes. Manager Nilam reveals the secrets of one of Heathrow's most exclusive first-class lounges and dispatcher James and his team hunt around the terminal for late passengers for a flight to Pakistan."
"An American airline has one of its busiest days as hundreds of people fly to the USA for Thanksgiving, while Heathrow employee Sunita helps a woman who has lost her two-year old daughter. Ground staff use measures to disperse birds from the runway to prevent any collisions with aircraft, resident paramedic Izzy treats a pregnant passenger suffering from serious abdominal pain who is due to fly to Brazil that day and British Airways employees prepare for the inaugural flight of their new \u00a3185 million aircraft the Dreamliner."
"Storm Imogen causes chaos on the runways and in the terminals, with airside safety officer Simon keeping his eyes peeled for any potentially dangerous debris that could damage the landing planes. In Terminal 4, manager Sunita looks after dozens of passengers whose flight to Delhi has been cancelled, while trainee engineer Elliot prepares to get his hands dirty as he clears a blocked sewage pit - an essential part of the airport's operations that no passenger normally sees."
Season 3 - Britain's Busiest Airport: Heathrow
"Passenger Experience Manager Sue does her best to get a passenger to his connecting flight at Gatwick - 38 miles away."
"Travellers face the challengers of transferring in the five-square-mile airport, with 200 gates and four terminals."
"Problems arise when a flight to New York is cancelled. Meanwhile, snow and ice threaten to close the runways."
Season 4 - Britain's Busiest Airport: Heathrow
"Passenger experience manager Demi deals with some disgruntled passengers, while check-in attendants Carrie-Anne and Selina tackle broken baggage belts. Elsewhere, Border force worker Bob has to decide whether he should let a young Brazilian student into the UK to visit his brother."
"The King and Queen of Terminal Two, Demi and Sue, wrestle with a bare chested drunk, and back at immigration Kat and Bob come across a visitor whose reason for entering the UK does not add up."
"The airport is busy as it is half term with rich Russian kids returning home from British boarding schools, and trouble arrives when the biggest mobile crane stops in the middle of a live airfield."
"It is all things Eastern with the arrival of some special cargo, a potential people trafficker flagged to Border Force, and the polar vortex that battered Britain in March affectionately called the Beast from the East. Also, rookie Ian is back."
"The Border Force pull over a Ghanaian businessman declaring \u00a3114,000 in cash, there is love in the air at the unlikely location of T5 arrivals when a blind date takes place and it is the end of an era on the airfield for chief trainer Simon."
"Terminal 5 receives a very special visitor, leaving Buggy Driver Carlo starstruck. British Airways have a new robot on the airfield and Border Force release the hounds in search of dirty money. Last in the series."
Season 5 - Britain's Busiest Airport: Heathrow
"King of the passenger experience, manager Demi, deals with some disgruntled passengers, check-in girls Carrie-Anne and Selina juggle love lives and baggage belts, and border force Bob questions a young Brazilian student."
"The airport runs at capacity, and the king and queen of Terminal Two, Sue and Demi, cope with the extra load from a closed Gatwick. Meanwhile, border force Bob is back, doing what he does best, protecting Britain's biggest border."
"Border Force Bob juggles visas with a circus performer, whilst Security Officer Estefania investigates an oddly shaped object. There's also drama in Terminal 3 for Passenger Experience Manager Harry as he deals with a medical emergency."
"Flying into Heathrow are an endangered parrot and a polar vortex. Whilst Officers Dave and Terry hunt for a wanted man gone missing on a plane, airside Ian and slicker-for-the-rules Steve battle snow in a blizzard to keep the runways open."
"Dairy, drugs and dogs headline the visit to Heathrow. On the airfield, Airside Ian goes for a promotion, whilst inside the terminals Queen of T2 Sue saves a musician from missing her concert, wile there's a serious breach in security."
"Landing at a hectic Heathrow is new Border Force Officer Rob, who is investigating job scams. Meanwhile, the grass is in desperate need of a trim, and we meet duo Sophie and Rachel, who are raving about airside safety."