Drama set in a female prison.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Katherine Rose Morley

Country: N/A

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 5.6

Season 1 - Clink
"Heavily pregnant Chloe arrives at BPS Bridewell to await trial."
"Joyce prepares to convince a parole board that she should be released on licence from her murder conviction, but when her lover Idara is suddenly shipped out, Joyce's angry response threatens her chance of freedom."
"The prison populace are feeling frivolous on \u201cFull Moon Friday\u201d, which sees them granted more leniency than usual."
"In the wake of Laura's death, the prison board want answers from Governor Darby. But with Laura's distraught brother on the scene, saving face may be the least of Darby's worries."
"Governor Darby faces her biggest challenge yet when Laura's brother turns up in a digger, hell-bent on revenge. Following an emotional and uncomfortable visit, Amira is rocked by a startling revelation."
"The women are visited by a group of former offenders who try to help inmates go straight. Sinead is increasingly convinced of Darby's involvement in Alison's accident."
"The women see a different side to Sherri after she undergoes specialist mental health treatment, and a stressed Brian resorts to desperate measures in order to cope."
"Chloe\u2019s court date arrives, and while she prepares for the hearing, Brian faces his own day of reckoning."
"As Brian descends into an emotional abyss, the McKeown girls are horrified to hear that Chloe has been re-admitted to Bridewell."
"The beleaguered Brian disappears at the worst possible time, with BPS Bridewell being visited by a prison inspector (guest star Neil Fitzmaurice). Last in the season.."