Finding Prince Charming

A handsome man trying to find true love amongst a group of "princes". Who shall provide the happy ending?

Genre: Reality

Actor: Robert Sepulveda Jr.

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.5

Season 1 - Finding Prince Charming
"Thirteen suitors arrive at a mansion anxiously awaiting to meet their Prince Charming. Robert, a gorgeous Atlanta-based interior designer, is the Prince Charming looking for the love of his life."
"The guys head to the beach with Robert and two lucky suitors get to go on a date with Prince Charming."
"The guys have two romantic group dates with Robert and drama overwhelms the mansion."
"Robert goes on a three course dinner date with three of the guys and someone is asked to give back their tie."
"Robert gets to know the guys deeper during a masquerade ball and friends are forced to choose."
"The remaining guys are put to the test to see which of them knows Robert best. Their patience is tested when two suitors find themselves having to share Robert on a romantic date. A shocking elimination leaves the house rattled."
"The guys meet Robert's family and Robert is forced to make a tough decision at the black tie ceremony."
"It's down to the final three and Robert is forced to make the tough decision to crown his prince charming."
"Lance Bass welcomes back Prince Charming and the 13 suitors that competed for his heart in a reunion special filled with drama, fun, heartbreak and never-before-seen-footage."