Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Reporter Raymond "Ray" Terrill is investigating a group of government scientists who are developing a weapon using light, when he is attacked with a "genetic light bomb" that ends up bestowing him with light-based super powers.

Duration: 6 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.9

Season 1 - Freedom Fighters: The Ray
08 Dec 2017
"The Freedom Fighters, comprised of The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, Dollman, and Blitzkrieg fight to rescue refugees from the New Reich on Earth-X."
08 Dec 2017
"Overgirl, Black Arrow and Dark Flash engage in the battle with the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X in an attempt to obtain Red Tornado's neural cortex."
08 Dec 2017
"The Ray lands on Earth-1 and transfers his powers to his doppelg\u00e4nger, Ray Terrill."
08 Dec 2017
"Ray and John learns about Earth-X and discovers his new powers. Meanwhile, Overgirl, Black Arrow and Dark Flash search for the Freedom Fighters and Red Tornado's neural cortex."
08 Dec 2017
"Ray tests out his newfound powers, while S.T.A.R. Labs detects a breacher in Oklahoma."
08 Dec 2017
"Ray acts as a superhero on Earth-1. Meanwhile, on Earth-X, Vibe searches for the Ray."
Season 2 - Freedom Fighters: The Ray
"Barry, Cisco, Oliver and Curtis recruit Ray as a crime-fighter. He is thrown into the thick of things when Mari McCabe (a.k.a. Vixen) seeks their assistance in defeating a giant robot attacking Detroit."