High Profits

Dreams of Empire. In Colorado a young couple set of with a dream to build the worlds first marijuana empire. This takes place on the eve of recreational marijuana open for anyone over 21 ...

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Caitlin McGuire , Brian Rogers

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - High Profits
"See the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales in Breckenridge, Colorado. Anti-marijuana activists mobilize against the Breckenridge Cannabis Club's storefront."
"Brian and Caitlin move into the second phase of their plan, which is expansion, by snapping up a massive new grow facility and a retail shop."
"A local election fires up Breckenridge, and Brian and Caitlin must decide whether to play nice with the competition or go it alone. Meanwhile, growing security concerns test the BCC and its employees."
"Grimm plays hardball. Brian takes an inopportune hunting trip. The BCC learn they have a bigger authority than town council to worry about."
"A devastating loss forces the BCC to make some painful budget cuts. Meanwhile, Caitlin is pushed to the edge and Grimm learns the grass isn't always greener."
"The BCC begins its expansion into a controversial market; Grimm plays cat and mouse; opponents in Breckenridge gain a powerful ally."
"With the special election drawing nearer, Brian and Caitlin are campaigning furiously."
"Brian and Caitlin prepare themselves for one last fight and settle in for a new beginning."