In Search of Monsters

Each episode investigates a different monster - using cutting edge theories, riveting eyewitness accounts, and astonishing scientific evidence behind the nightmarish creatures that frighten us, fascinate us, and haunt our darkest dreams.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Nick Redfern , Brien Foerster

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - In Search of Monsters
"Experts reveal all-new evidence and theories related to the world's most famous cryptid -- Bigfoot. Terrifying eyewitness accounts, combined with recently uncovered evidence, unveil a creature far more fierce and predatory than previously believed."
"After centuries of believing the Loch Ness Monster dwells deep within Scotland's Loch Ness, a new theory paints a different story. Experts explore evidence suggesting the monster may not only be real, but possibly more dangerous than ever imagined."
"A team of experts and eyewitnesses seek answers about the Mothman, a red-eyed phantom that sours . They explore theories that the legendary cryptid is an abnormality in the evolutionary chain, or even a horrible experiment gone wrong."
"Experts explore the mystery and horror of the Jersey Devil"
"Experts explore the legend of the Wendigo, a zombie-like creature doomed in Native American folklore to forever walk alone with its cannibalistic cravings; a new theory suggests this entity may come from somewhere not of this Earth."
"Shocking new evidence suggests the Chupacabra is hunting humans."
"DNA evidence suggests that the Yeti may have an otherworldly source and also resides in the Americas."
"The Beast of Bray Road terrorizes a Wisconsin village, displaying a cunning intelligence and an ability to read minds while hunting its victims; the beast may be multiplying across the United States."
"New evidence reveals that an American pilot may have returned from Vietnam with a cryptid known as a rock ape."
"Recently disclosed audio recordings and photographs provide the most conclusive evidence to date that the beast with horns known as the Ozark Howler may have demonic origins."