Inspector Gadget

A bumbling bionic police inspector stumbles about on his cases, while his niece and dog secretly do the real investigative work.

Genre: Animation , Comedy

Actor: Don Adams

Director: Jean Chalopin , Andy Heyward , Bruno Bianchi

Country: USA , France , Canada , Japan , Taiwan

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1983

IMDb: 6.8

Season 1 - Inspector Gadget
"Gadget goes to the Winterland Resort where the world's athletes are gathered for the opening of the Olympic games. Dr.Claw tries to ruin the Olympics by replacing the torch bearer with a M.A.D. Agent and replacing the torch with dynamite."
"Gadget looks for a missing scientist who vanished at a lake rumored to harbor a monster."
"M.A.D. tries to do Gadget in by locking him in a missile hidden in a farm's grain silo."
"Gadget brings Penny to the circus as he investigates a top-secret mission. The Inspector believes that Dr. Claw has replaced some of the circus performers with M.A.D. Agents! Gadget goes undercover as a clown to uncover the truth."
"Dr. Claw kidnaps Professor Von Slickstein, the brilliant scientist who invented all of Gadget's gadgets, and takes him to the Amazon to build an army of Gadget-like robots."
"Dr. Claw tricks Gadget into attending a \"vacation\" at a M.A.D.-trapped health spa. Can Penny and Brain save him?"
"Gadget is assigned to board a cruise ship and safeguard the passenger's priceless jewelry from Dr. Claw's clutches."
"While searching for a crime-fighters' convention in Transylvania Gadget arrives at a castle that Dr. Claw has booby-trapped to kill him."
"Gadget enters the Gadget Mobile in a race and finds that Dr. Claw has also entered with a plot to eliminate him and his competition by sabotaging the other race cars."
"Gadget is sent to India to investigate a missing ruby, which has been stolen by M.A.D. to be used as an amplifying power source for a laser beam that will destroy an advanced satellite in space."
"Gadget has to guard the life of famed rock singer Rick Rocker, whom M.A.D. has sinister plans for. But Gadget winds up replacing Rocker as the current reigning King of Rock!"
"Gadget is assigned to find El Dorado, the fabled Lost City of Gold, before Dr. Claw's agents find it and tear it apart to melt down the gold."
"Gadget falls for actress Lana Lamour unaware that she's a M.A.D. agent and that her movie is M.A.D.'s cover for filming top secret facilities."
"Gadget has to find the bomb Dr. Claw has hidden in Metro City's amusement park."
"Gadget has to stop M.A.D. from looting the New York Museum of Art."
"A prophet working for M.A.D. predicts doom for an island resort and plans to use his \"pineapple bombs\" to trigger the island's volcano to ensure his prediction comes true."