Inspector George Gently

With the help of DS John Bacchus, Inspector George Gently spends his days bringing to justice members of the criminal underworld who are unfortunate enough to have the intrepid investigator assigned to their cases.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Simon Hubbard

Director: Peter Flannery

Country: UK

Duration: 89 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2007

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Inspector George Gently
"Original pilot TV film.\n\nFollowing the murder of his wife by notorious gangster Joe Webster, Inspector George Gently is pondering retirement. When he hears about a murder in Northumberland that sounds like Webster's handiwork, he delays his retirement to take on this one last case. Paired with local detective DS John Bacchus, he must track down Webster, while at the same time trying to deal with his headstrong young assistant and keep him on the straight and narrow."
"When a badly-burned body discovered near an RAF base is suspected to be an IRA murder, Special Branch get involved."
Season 2 - Inspector George Gently
"Investigating the murder of an old man in his dilapidated mansion, Gently and Bacchus discover a world which is beyond their comprehension."
"Gently and Bacchus investigate the murder of a young woman whose body is found in a local church. They discover that the girl was a 'Fox', a waitress working at the first hostess club in Newcastle."
"When a young woman is raped and murdered, Gently and Bacchus are thrown into a world of racial intolerance, sexual jealousy and turf warfare."
"When a body is found in a local mill, Gently and Bacchus go on to uncover a web of local corruption, blackmail, fraud and robbery."
Season 3 - Inspector George Gently
"Gently and Bacchus find themselves investigating a family with unimaginable secrets."
"Gently and Bacchus investigate the murder of a well-known left-wing academic."
Season 4 - Inspector George Gently
"Gently and Bacchus investigate when a schoolgirl's body is discovered in a shallow grave."
"Gently and his sidekick investigate the suspicious death of Gently's ex-snout, China."
Season 5 - Inspector George Gently
"In Newcastle, the haven of equality found at the Carlton Ballroom all-nighter is destroyed when a young black girl, Dolores Kenny, is murdered, leading Gently to uncover a disturbing and racist undercurrent growing within the local community."
"The indefatigable Chief Inspector George Gently and Detective Sergeant John Bacchus experience the inflated authority of their \"social betters\" first hand, when a beautiful young girl called Ellen Mallam is found dead in the passenger seat of a an upturned car registered to local aristocrats."
"Gently and Bacchus are thrown into an emotionally-wrought case when a middle class couple\u2019s adopted child is kidnapped. It takes them to a mother and baby home where young single mothers are forced to give up their infants, where the shame of illegitimacy still burns the cheeks of single mothers."
"Gently finds himself suspended from duty \u2013 powerless, unprotected and persecuted. Gently must confront his deepest fears and fight to the death\u2026"
Season 6 - Inspector George Gently
"Gently is surprised after he receives Bacchus\u2019s resignation, and he soon works out that he has lost his confidence. Attempting to help Bacchus, Gently insists that he needs him to help investigate a death in custody."
"Gently and Bacchus make their way to a family holiday camp to investigate both the staff and holidaymakers after a body of one of the greencoats is discovered nearby. Gently and Bacchus soon discover a story of jealousy, ambition and the dark side of a permissive society."
"When two deaths connect in an unexpected way, Gently finds himself drawn into the world of drugs and LSD, and considering a Cold-War conspiracy. In the process of his investigation Gently relies on the help of an old friend \u2013 and as they begin to dig into the case, old feelings begin to stir for Gently."
"A suspicious death in the mine in Burnsend leads Gently and Bacchus to explore the tensions and relationships in a community whose seams have been ripped wide open by politics \u2013 and discover grudges that date back to the Second World War."
Season 7 - Inspector George Gently
"A woman\u2019s body is discovered having been brutally attacked. Gently is determined to catch the killer and stop him attacking anyone else. Worried that mistakes could have been down to one inspector, he is determined to get to the bottom of another mystery that is happening within the police force."
"Inspector Gently is intrigued as to why a woman has tragically committed suicide. There are too many details that don't add up, and he suspects murder. Why did this woman, a GP, want to end her life? Gently's investigation leads him and his team to the discovery of a bigger industrial crime, more murders and more victims. Gently puts his career on the line to uncover who is really to blame."
"A man has thrown himself off the Tyne Bridge and is found dead, landed on a pile of rubbish. Or so it seems. Gently knows it's murder and believes it's one involving lifelong friends. Who would want to kill a man who was apparently loved by all?"
"Following an armed robbery, Gently seeks to find the armed gang and bring them to justice before more innocent people are shot."
Season 8 - Inspector George Gently
"In Newcastle in 1970, DCI Gently re-opens Bacchus's old case of a woman convicted of her husband's murder. Will he expose a miscarriage of justice or jeopardise his reputation?"
"DCI Gently is set for retirement, but when DI Lister, the head of a new covert special investigations unit, presents him with an unsolved case, Gently can't resist one more intriguing offer. The case leads to political intrigue and corruption - and tests Gently to his core. When the team faces mortal danger, how will they survive?"