Laverne & Shirley

The misadventures of two single women in the 1950s and '60s.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Eddie Mekka

Director: Lowell Ganz , Mark Rothman

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1976

IMDb: 7

Season 1 - Laverne & Shirley
"Shotz brewery bottle-cappers and best friends, Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney, are invited by the boss' nephew, Tad Shotz, to the Shotz formal society party. Shirley is excited about going while Laverne finds it insulting."
"While Mr. DeFazio is away for a few days, Laverne and Shirley take over running the Pizza Bowl for him. Later, The Fonz convinces the girls to let him host a wild bachelor party at the Pizza Bowl - it goes against Shirley's better judgement, but Laverne doesn't see any problem with it. When the party gets started, however, the girls both begin to realize just how much of a mess they've gotten themselves into."
"During the annual Shotz bowling tournament, Laverne decides to get even with her bowling rival, Karen from the past 5 years. However, on the big night, Laverne falls ills and takes heavy medication, leaving Laverne \"\"jerky\"\" during the tournament."
"While Laverne & Shirley await their yearly high school reunion, they reminisce about their old crazy friend, Anne-Marie, who shows up at the reunion a nun."
"Laverne suddenly decides to marry her boyfriend of only two months before he is sent away by the Navy."
"Laverne & Shirley double date with two criminals who secretly intend on robbing the bank next to the Pizza Bowl."
"Shirley's stuck zipper on her skirt leaves for a sticky situation when Lenny witnesses Squiggy with Shirley, half-dressed, leading to rumors around the Shotz Brewery that Shirley is a \"\"fun date.\"\""
"Shirley drives everyone she knows crazy when she loses her pet canary."
"Shirley becomes reclusive and refuses to date after learning that Carmine has a new girlfriend, which drives Laverne crazy."
"Laverne & Shirley try to earn promotions by trying out for the new beer tasting position."
"Laverne & Shirley falls victims to a peculiar robber, known as the \"\"Milwaukee Masher.\"\""
"Lenny & Squiggy drive Laverne & Shirley crazy when they move into the girls' apartment building."
"Laverne & Shirley panic when a German delivery guy faints in their living room."
"After losing four talent contests, Laverne & Shirley decide to do something about it. This has Laverne and Shirley doing the 'Cabana' act."
"Shirley's domineering mother comes for a visit, and finds fault with Shirley, her friends, and everything else about Shirley's life, until Laverne sets her straight."
Season 2 - Laverne & Shirley
"Shirley offers Laverne free driving lessons in exchange for some money to buy a new car."
"Laverne & Shirley become hospital volunteers."
"Since the girls have no dates that night, they agree to babysit Fonzie's godson. When they get a call for a big date only one of them can go, the other has to stay home and watch the baby. Laverne gets to go but when the date gets cancelled, Shirley has to stop Laverne from getting on a bus and going to Chicago to meet her date. Shirley asks Lenny and Squiggy to watch the baby while she goes to get Laverne. When the girls return to the apartment they find Lenny and Squiggy there but the baby is gone. Lenny and Squiggy gave it back to a guy who claimed to be it's father, the girls go berserk thinking all manners of horrible things has happened only to find out in the end it was indeed the father that they gave the baby to."
"Laverne and Shirley's tv breaks down, and when the contest offering a prize of a new color set arises Shirley acts nice to Richie Cunningham so that he'll ask her and Laverne to the dance, but also the real reason is that they want Richie to ask his friend Potsie Weber, who happens to be the school's best dancer, to partner Laverne. Potsie gets injured and can't dance so Laverne teams up with Richie at the last minute to win the TV. When back at the flat, the girls have to come clean about them just wanting the TV, but the guys are so nice about it that they get a little of what they were hoping for anyways."
"Laverne & Shirley get an invitation to a bridal shower, but are afraid to go because they're the only ones left unmarried."
"After a party at the brewery, Laverne comes home to find she's wearing a pair of men's boxer shorts. She starts to feel ill in the mornings but was so drunk the night before that she can't remember what happened. She fears that she's pregnant. So Lenny and Squiggy have a contest to see which of them will ask Laverne to marry them, Lenny wins and in a touching scene proposes to Laverne, of course in the end we discover that Laverne is not pregnant and that she was wearing the boxer shorts because she had been made an honorary guy at the brewery."
"Laverne & Shirley decide to become high fashion models and take a home modelling course."
"The girls get plenty of offers for dates after Icky Hector puts their names and phone number on several men's room walls."
"Lenny and Squiggy disappear after Laverne & Shirley decide not to go to the circus with them. The girls phone around and find that they've gone to join the circus. When they get to the circus they discover that the ringmaster doesn't want to hire them, the girls find Lenny and Squiggy rehearsing and tell them they're fired from the circus. They then offer to help them out of all their problems and it all ends happily with the girls showing that they do care about their friends."
"Carmine calls the gang together at the Pizzabowl and asks them all if they're willing to help him put on a Christmas show for the local hospital. Carmine and none of the others know that it's a mental hospital. When they get there they're greeted by one of the patients pretending to be a doctor. The real doctor enters and tells the group that it is a mental hospital. Shirley immediately becomes anxious as her parents always used to threaten her when she was a little girl that she would be placed in such a place along with her dotty aunt. The shows starts with Edna doing a song and playing a small guitar, followed by Carmine singing \"\"Jingle Bell Rock\"\" and tap dancing, then Lenny and Squiggy sing \"\"The Jolliest Fat Man\"\" and finished off with Laverne and Shirley baton twirling and singing. The show ends on a warm note getting the message to the viewer that they shouldn't forget the poor people who are on their own at Christmas."
"Laverne is arrested for shoplifting, so Shirley tries to get her released."
"While the girls are stuck at a train station in Canada, the rest of the gang is waiting for them to have a surprise party at the Pizzabowl. To pass the time they sit around and reminisce through flashbacks of scenes from previous episodes."
"The girls both call in sick to Shotz and decide to have 'fun' instead. They go to the movies where they see a couple of guys and Laverne waves at them throughout the picture. Later in the children's play park, Shirley goes to get fudgecicles. One of the guys from the movie theater comes over and talk to Shirley, then goes back to his friend. Later, while at their apartment, the guys, who have followed them home invite themselves in. They play a game of charades and one of the guys goes out to buy pink champagne. The other guy offers the girls $100 to buy something for themselves. When they take it, he handcuffs them and arrests them for being \"\"pros\"\". His friend comes back to find the girls upset and crying. When he finds out his new rookie partner, who's on his first case, offered the girls money, he tells him that's not allowed because it's entrapment and orders him to free Laverne and Shirley. To try to make it up to them, they offer to take them out to dinner and show them a good"
"The girls become guinea pigs in order to raise money to go to a cocktail party. Laverne is allowed to sleep for a few minutes at a time, and Shirley has to eat dirt."
"The girls take jobs as taxi dancers when they get laid off."
"The girls have big dates now if only they can get themselves together in time."
"Shirley goes to a sleazy bar to look for her father."
"Shirley wins a vacation at a newlywed hotel. Laverne and Shirley plan to use Carmine to fool the hotel staff into letting them in, thinking they'll be left alone after the inital photos. Unfortunately they never get a moments peace and a mass party ensues."
"Laverne & Shirley come to the rescue when Lenny and Squiggy get stood up."
"Laverne asks Lenny, Squiggy and Carmine to dress up as gangsters in order to scare away a golddigger who wants to marry her father."
"The girls want new furniture and go looking for a used couch, in a haunted house. Lenny and Squiggy go with Laverne and Shirley to the haunted house to help them remove a couch if they buy one. Of course, the cast start to disappear one by one until there's only the girls left, they can't get out. In the end discover that it is the owners of the house who are trying to scare people away so they don't have to move. Shirley discovers that Abe Lincoln once slept in the house and suggests they have the house marked as a piece of history which saves the building."
"Shirley is promoted to supervisor and has the other workers hating her for it."
"Milwaukee's most prominent citizen, Charles Feister Crane, decides to make Laverne and Shirley his newest singing discovery, a singing duet called \"\"The Rosebuds\"\"."
Season 3 - Laverne & Shirley
"Laverne & Shirley go on their first plane trip and end up flying it when their pilot faints at the controls."
"Laverne starts off by telling Shirley how a driver had cut her off so she had shouted back to her that she was a 'banana face'. Later on, Laverne's big tag team partner from the brewery can't compete due to injury and Shirley has to take her place.\n\nOnce in the ring, they discover that the professional wrestlers their facing are the ladies Laverne insulted that morning and the match is now on for real."
"Laverne and Shirley get into a huge fight after Shirley's new boyfriend asks Laverne out. The girls agree to make a pact swearing never to let a guy come between them again."
"A giant robot attacks Laverne in a toy store this leads her to sue the toy company."
"Laverne's father arranges a marriage for her to a wealthy cheese manufacturer who happens to be in the mob."
"Shirley is waiting anxiously for Laverne to come back from the bank with their savings for their cruise holiday that they have been planning on for weeks. When Laverne comes in, she tells Shirley that they have $50 less than they thought, and now they're not going to be able to take the cruise as they only have two days until the ship sets sail. The girls get depressed until Laverne says that they shouldn't give up hope, that they still have two days left and that they'll think of something to come up with the money. The girls go see Carmine who gets them a job at J&J Shoes. Carmine tells the owner he'll bring all his tap dance students over to his store to buy their shoes if he hires Laverne and Shirley for the weekend. The guy hires the girls and tells them to go and get changed into their uniforms. When we see Laverne and Shirley again, Shirley is dressed as Jack and Laverne is dressed as Jill from the nursery rhyme. The store owner tells them they'll get $2 for every pair of shoes"
"Lenny and Squiggy begs Laverne and Shirley not to squeal on them. Shirley succumbs to their pitiful begging faces and warns them that if they're caught they don't know them, they've never known them etc.. Next Laverne is seen feeling sickly as she's battling with sea-sickness while trying to chat up the sailors. The boys are pretending to be part of the band and are scrounging bits of food here and there, when Ensign Benson walks by. The boys jump over the rail and are holding on with their fingertips. They're going to get away with it until a sailor empties the mess hall garbage over the side on top of them. Now the boys are caught and are air-lifted via helicopter back to Milwaukee harbor. The girls come clean about helping the boys, however Shirley has caught the eye of Ensign Gary Benson and they get let off. We see Laverne hooting it up in the sailor's mess, spinning the anchor and kissing the sailors while Shirley is out gazing across the ocean and into the stars with Ensign B"
"Fabian's concert is sold out, but the girls still want to see him. The girls bet Rosie that they can not only meet Fabian but that they will have their pictures taken with him. Rosie agrees to the bet, and says that if she should lose she'll clean the girls flat with her toothbrush. Needless to say, Rosie is soon scrubbing the floors, toothbrush and all."
"Carmine is suspected of being a counterfeiter, so the F.B.I. use Laverne and Shirley's flat as a stakeout to catch him in the act."
"The gang is rehearsing the play \"\"Alice In Wonderland\"\" so they're all in costume: Shirley is Alice, Laverne is the Mad Hatter, Lenny and Squiggy are Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. Shirley faints on the couch and is taken to hospital where it is discovered that her appendix is about to burst. Fearful that she is going to lose her hair for the operation, Shirley hides while everyone else tries to find her before her appendix bursts."
"The girls get laid off so they go to work for themselves selling flowers and plants door to door."
"It is New Years Eve and Laverne is dumped by her date and Shirley has a cold. Squiggy does his human fly stunt as the countdown to the new year, 1960, arrives."
"Laverne has a crush on a mortician who is more interested in her dead than alive. To help her chances of getting to know the mortician better, Laverne asks Shirley to pretend she is dying."
"Shirley rescues a horse from a glue factory and put it in her bedroom. The girls try to find a new home for Buttercup before she's turned into glue. In the end it's Lenny and Squiggy who save the day by finding a farm with a nice pasture who's willing to let the horse live out the remainder of its days in contentment."
"When Mrs. Babish's mentally slow daughter, Amy, comes to visit, a moving relationship soon develops between her and Lenny - despite the fact that almost everyone believes Lenny just wants to take advantage of \"\"the slow child\"\". But to everyone's amazement, Lenny really comes through as a thoughtful, sensitive and caring person toward Amy."
"Mr. Shotz wants the girls to find a spot in the talent show for his no-talent nephew."
"Laverne has a chipped tooth and goes to Shirley's dental student cousin Mikey. Laverne, as a favor to Shirley, allows Shirley's dentist cousin to fix her tooth. The only problem is he's a lousy dentist and Laverne can't let on that he's doing a terrible job as Shirley's cousin's professor is watching every move he makes."
"The girls take a bus to a distant city to visit two medical students who leave them stranded."
"The show starts with Laverne and Shirley chatting away in the Shotz brewery canteen when Lenny and Squiggy come in. Upon opening their pay checks, Squiggy discovers a letter from Max Shotz himself. He reads it aloud and the gang discovers that Squiggy failed his written driving test and he must retake it this Saturday and pass or lose his truck driver's licence and his job. We next see Laverne and Shirley spring cleaning their flat, Shirley is pouring soapy water on the floor while singing \"\"Twist Again\"\" as Laverne with sponges on her feet does the twist to clean the floor. Lenny comes in all upset and asking the girls if they'll help him help Squiggy to pass his test as Squiggy is getting very depressed. The girls reluctantly agree as if they don't, Lenny says he'll have to move in with them as he won't be able to afford the rent on his own. Laverne is asking Squiggy some highway code questions in which his answer is \"\"Here chicky, chicky, chicky\"\". After a few minutes of this, Laverne j"
"The policeman in charge of testing the recruits thinks Shirley is too puny and weak to do the assault course, so Laverne helps Shirley train to prove him wrong. Laverne's policeman boyfriend is getting women volunteers together to form L.A.M.P. (Ladies' Auxiliary Milwaukee Police). Laverne is naturally selected, but then Shirley wants to try it too. Laverne tries to dissuade her but ends up agreeing as long as Shirley doesn't quit. When Shirley gets there, no sooner does she try the obstacle course than she fails at the first obstacle which happens to be a pool of water. Shirley runs out of the room soaking wet. Laverne finds Shirley at the Pizzabowl in the ladies room, and Shirley now wants to quit. Laverne calls Shirley a cream puff and storms out. Back at the apartment, Shirley apologizes and says she'll keep at it if Laverne will help her become more athletic. Laverne then trains Shirley in all the obstacle course events until the day of the test, Shirley manages all the obstacles"
"Laverne and Lenny go to a debutantes' ball where Lenny learns he is 89th in line for the Polish throne."
"Laverne dreams she and Shirley are in their 80's still living together and still single. Laverne and Shirley are old and single but so are Lenny and Squiggy which leads to them going to marry each other finally so they can have some fun."
"The girls try and help Carmine get financing so that he can open his own dance studio. Of course, they end up ruining it for Carmine so in the end Frank and Edna lend him the money that the banks won't."
"Laverne and Shirley try to get Frank and Edna back together after they break up when Edna's ex-husband comes to town."
Season 4 - Laverne & Shirley
"The girls go to New York to visit all of Laverne's relatives and to attend the Italian festival. Laverne's Grandmother, Frank's mother takes a liking to Squiggy and treats him like a son."
"No description"
"Laverne comes out the bedroom wearing only her slip and reading a magazine about a stripper named Roxy's adentures. It turns out that Shirley has read the article and when Laverne is about to go outside to collect the mail, Shirley gives Laverne a telling off for wearing only her slip outside. So she goes to collect the mail. Lenny and Squiggy appear wearing their new lodge hats, The Order Of The Bass, and then tell Laverne that Shirley is taking a nap outstide at the bottom of the stairs. Shirley has fallen and hit her head and now thinks she is Roxy from the magazine. She then shows a complete change in her persoanlity as she practices bumps and grinds. Carmine thinks he'll have more luck with Roxy and chats her up just as Laverne tells him to leave. Later when Shirley\/Roxy is all alone, Lenny and Squiggy arrive and try to get Roxy to strip. She says she will if it's at a mens club and she gets paid, so they arrange for her to strip at their lodge's big party. Laverne comes home late"
"Out for kicks, Laverne teams up with a tough guy who commits a crime. Laverne's date with Jake of the Purple Fiends goes sour when he robs a grocery store."
"The gang attend \"\"Be Silly For Dollars\"\". Carmine got the tickets & wanted to be a contestant. Shecky the host comes to the audience to select contestants. He first picks Lenny & Squiggy who aren't too interested. Then as he's about to select Carmine, Laverne & Shirley start jumping up & down & he selects them instead.\n\nOn the game show, Lenny & Squiggy appear first. They answer a hard stumper correctly & model Irma comes out displaying a salami they won. Shecky tempts them with living room furniture, but they decide to take the salami!\n\nLaverne & Shirley appear next. They miss the question & have to do a silly stunt. They had two minutes to dress each other blindfoldedly which they succussfully do. Irma tells them they won a trip to Appliance Street! Shecky tells them they could either take the oven or appliance potpourri. After squabbling & arguing, the lucky buzzer sounds! Shecky invites them back next week.\n\nAt home, Laverne's father wants them to wear some silly clothing pr"
"Shirley wants to become a medical assistant, and wants reluctant Laverne to go to night school with her."
"Shirley has a blind date with Eraserhead and it isn't quite what she had in mind."
"Lenny and Squiggy are forced to make a date between Laverne and their foreman. After fighting feelings of guilt since they know that the guy is a real jerk, they come to Laverne's rescue just in time."
"Laverne comes to accept the death of her mother and visits her grave for the first time."
"Laverne dreams of going to Broadway when she auditions for West Side Story in Chicago."
"Shirley recalls how she and Laverne first moved in together."
"The girls meet two guys in Frank's Pizzabowl. When they get chatting, the girls think that the guys are inviting them for dinner at their posh flat, but in reality all the guys want is to hire them to be maids for the evening to them and their posh girlfriends."
"Shirley handcuffs herself to a homeless dog at the pound to protest the scheduled death of the dog. Carmine comes to the rescue in the end by finding homes for all the abandoned dogs as he gives a free dance lesson to anyone who'll adopt a dog."
"Laverne and Shirley are decorating their Christmas tree, when a bum called Rags knocks at the door and tells Laverne and Shirley that he's bringing 36 of his bum friends with him to Frank's annual Hobo Christmas Dinner at the Pizzabowl. Next we see Lenny and Squiggy dressed as an elf and a fairy working in a department store as Santa's helpers. They're being pestered by an obnoxious little boy. Frank DeFazio whose taken the job of Santa Claus, comes in to help raise money to pay for the Hobo's dinner. The Pizzabowl has been doing bad business and he can't afford to pay for the dinner this year, hence the Santa job. Laverne and Shirley comes in after having fought a large crowd over Christmas bargains. When they see Lenny and Squiggy they burst out laughing and they pull the brat away from Squiggy who has him in a choke hold. The rumpus causes the department stores manager to come out and when he sees the commotion, he fires Frank as Santa. Laverne recognizes her father's loud voice and"
"Shirley finds it odd that she is small and brunette when everybody else in her family is tall and blonde, so she takes it on herself to find out if she's adopted or not. In the end, she get a speech from Laverne about \"\"does it really matter if you're adopted or not, when you're current family loves you\"\". Needless to say when Shirley opens the hospital medical records, she finds out that she's not adopted after all."
"In the third annual Shotz talent show, Laverne and Shirley perform as human puppets."
"Laverne wins three minutes of free shopping and everyne want something. Everybody wants something all right: Lenny and Squiggy are constantly telling them to get Bosco, Carmine is out taking orders from the neighborhood. When the day comes, due to the girls' greed all they end up with is one measly item each."
"Lenny falls in love with Laverne after misunderstanding what she told him."
"One of the firemen who comes to put out the fire in their apartment falls for Laverne. Unfortunately, Shirley falls for him too which leads to the girls' friendship being tested to the limits."
"Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy by pointing out to him that his latest great looking girlfriend is just using him to help move into and decorate her flat. When they finally confront Squiggy with the news, he tells them he knows he's being used but what chance does a guy like him have with a beautiful girl like that. Of course he does the right thing thanks to his friends and tells the golddigger to get lost."
"Laverne asks Shirley if she can make her more feminine to impress Joey. This leads to Laverne acting 'froo-froo' and doing impressions of a southern belle."
"The girls believe they are doing a good deed by calling in a building inspector to make repairs, until Mrs. Babish is given a deadline to fix it or pay a fine."
"No one believes Laverne saw an industrial spy in the brewery. So she takes it upon herself to prove everyone wrong. She drags Shirley back to the brewery late that evening and they lie in wait for the spy. Both girls after arguing with each other end up soaking wet in a huge vat of beer. When the spy appears the girls confront him. Moments later, the security guard comes in and the girls try to convince the guard about the spy. The spy spins a tale to the guard who is now unconvinced so Laverne pulls of his trousers revealling the stolen microfilm in his sock suspenders."
"Shirley's friendship with a rich older man is resented by Carmine, who is jealous, and the man's daughter is suspicious of Shirley's intentions."
Season 5 - Laverne & Shirley
"The girls get engaged to Richie and Fonzie to avoid a shotgun wedding."
"Shirley finds an old love note written to Laverne from Carmine. This practically ends the girls friendship."
"The girls get jobs at a weight loss camp."
"A fight over returning a wrongly issued check sets the girls to dreaming about Shirley in heaven and Laverne in hell."
"Shirley's brother returns home from the Navy, an alcoholic."
"Lenny refuses to have anything to do with Squiggy after he pushes him into a garbage can from their second floor apartment window. Laverne and Shirley get the two friends to make up in Squiggy's uncle's wax works museum."
"Edna accepts a marriage proposal from Frank, who waited to the last minute to ask her. Laverne and Shirley end up singing at their wedding in an all-black gospel choir."
"Laverne & Shirley enlist in the W.A.C.s to get even for a missed promotion."
"Laverne & Shirley regret joining the Army."
"Lenny and Squiggy fix Laverne and Shirley up with computer dates, who turn out to be midgets."
"Laverne and Shirley are in charge of selecting the acts for the 4th annual Shotz talent show. It starts off with Frank auditioning in Laverne and Shirley's apartment showing them his ventriloquist act. He produces a Laverne doll which cracks Shirley up but Laverne is none too impressed until Frank produces a Shirley doll which Laverne starts laughing at, but now Shirley doesn't find it so funny. They convince Frank that his act is just too good for the show and that he should MC it as usual. He agrees as he doesn't want to show up all the other acts. We then see Laverne and Shirley auditioning acts at Shotz. Upon the end of each act when Laverne and Shirley ask the never seen Mr.Shotz what he thought he of the last act, all we hear is a raspberry. Lenny and Squiggy sings a number called \"\"I Knew I Should Have Listened To Momma\"\" which also gets a raspberry. Carmine and Edna come in singing \"\"Yankee Doodle\"\" and tap dancing. Mr.Shotz loves this and tells the girls that he wants this year's"
"Shotz hires a psychiatrist to evaluate job aptitudes. The gang are all terrified that some deep dark secret, or that all their inadequacies are going to be revealed when they visit the company shrink."
"The girls can't wait to go on a vacation to Mexico. Unfortunately when they get there, they find half of their hotel room missing and that they have to share the room with another woman."
"The girls jump at the chance to be the stars in a movie, unaware that the film they will be starring in is an Army hygiene film. Shirley begs Laverne to come and tryout for an acting part in a movie. Laverne agrees and they get to the studio. They subsequently get cast as the two stars of the feature. They have to go and get fitted for wardrobe and when they come out they're wearing cheap, gaudy costumes that Laverne immediately asks if they can keep. They're introduced to their leading men, upon which Shirley finds out that her leading man is gay. The director starts filming the movie and only then the girls find out they're playing hookers in an army hygiene film. When it's all over, we find Laverne and Shirley miserable at home. Then Lenny and Squiggy enter telling them they've just been to see the premiere of the film. Laverne and Shirley asks if anyone recognized them as the hookers. Lenny tells them not to worry, as no one recognized them, but he had to tell everybody it was the"
"Shirley is turned on to Beatnik culture, while visiting a local coffee house one evening. She soon begins wearing black, and moping around the apartment, complaining that nothing in her life is \"\"cool\"\" anymore. Laverne then tries to snap her friend out of this Beatnik mindset, so she can go back to being her old self again."
"To protest a false bill, the girls chain themselves insde the gas company building, little knowing that another disgruntled customer has planted a bomb in the building. Because the girls are chained to the wall, they can't get out."
"Laverne falls for a fireman who is always being called to duty. Before he gets a chance to propose to Laverne, he dies in the line of duty saving many lives."
"The girls try to talk Carmine out of going to work for a loan shark."
"The girls are riding the Moose Jaw Express when a murder victim enters their compartment."
"Laverne and Shirley try to find out who the murderer is."
"Sargeant Alvina Plout takes the girls on a survival test against the men."
"Squiggy sleepwalks thinking he is a rich duke."
"Laverne and Shirley are returning from a friend's wedding to find a strange man lying asleep on their sofa. Laverne arms herself with a baseball bat and is about to hit the guy when he turns over and she can't bring herself to hit him as she thinks he's gorgeous. She's just about to kiss him to wake him up when Frank and Edna informs the girls that this is Laverne's cousin from Italy called Antonio. Laverne is miserable that she can't date her cousin, but Shirley exclaims \"\"He's not my cousin\"\" and goes for it, only to be reminded by Edna that she's got Carmine. Anotnio greets everybody and announces he's come to America to make his fortune. Antonio is exercising with Lenny and Squiggy, who are teaching him some bad habits, like biting your palm if you like something. The boys leave to go collect hair from the local barber shop and Carmine comes in. Carmine is letting Antonio stay with him while he's in Milwaukee and gives Antonio a t-shirt to wear advertising his dance studio on the bac"
"Lenny inherits a greasy spoon diner called 'Laslo's Place', they immediately rename it \"\"Dead Laslo's Place\"\". Because Laverne and Shirley are desperate for work, they get hired to cook and waitress the diner. The girls get run off their feet and Shirley ends up running out of the diner screaming in frustration. Frank offers to buy the restaurant from Lenny, which he does, so now Frank has 2 restaurants."
Season 6 - Laverne & Shirley
"After being fired from the brewery, the girls decide to pack up and move out to California. The only way they can afford to get out there is to have Lenny and Squiggy drive them there in an old ice cream truck."
"The girls are ready to return to Milwaukee after experiencing an earthquake on their first night in California."
"The girls are hired to play stunt women in a Troy Donohue movie."
"In order to pay Shirley back some of the money she owes her, Laverne agrees to be the target in Sonny's knife throwing act at Cowboy Bill's grand opening. When Sonny breaks his arm and is unable to do the act, Shirley takes over throwing the knives at Laverne, which makes Laverne extremely nervous since she knows that Shirley is already upset with her."
"The girls finally get a job in California in the gift wrapping department at Bardwell's Department Store. On their first day on the job, Laverne gets tipsy after eating candy laced with alcohol."
"Lenny and Squiggy appear in on the television show, The Dating Game."
"Shirley finally gets to date a Doctor. The trouble is she looks exactly like his old wife."
"There is a dispute over who should pay the bill when Lenny and Squiggy trash a hotel room on their way to California and try to blame it on Laverne and Shirley. This leads to the telling of two different versions of what happened that night: one where Lenny and Squiggy are chasing the girls all night, and the other where the girls are feeling feisty and chase the boys around the room."
"Lenny and Squiggy imagine that they are the stars in a whole series of flashback black and white silent movies."
"After learning that Laverne fears for his safety, Sonny quits his job as a stuntman and takes a job selling insurance."
"The girls are hired to house sit at the Malibu beachfront mansion of the owner of the Cowboy Bill's chain of restaurants. While he is away for the weekend, the girls throw a beach party which gets gate crashed by a gang of bikers. The girls manage to clean the place up just in time, but the owner's talking pet parrot threatens to spill the beans."
"Stuck at home on a rainy night with nothing to do, the gang decides to play a game of truth or dare. Within minutes, everybody ends up arguing with each other."
"The girls almost marry tow rock stars from Britain after eating some brownies laced with marijuana."
"Carmine's new stand up comedy act is not such a big hit with his friends when he starts to make fun of them in turn."
"Disappointed after not receiving the customary tri-monthly $5.00 raise, Laverne and Shirley write a nasty letter to their boss. At the end of the day, it is revealed that they DID get a raise, after all, but also that the nasty letter is sitting, unopened, on the boss's desk - waiting to be read the next morning. Desperate to save their jobs, Laverne and Shirley go home and try to hatch a plan to get that letter back, before morning."
"The girls recruit Lenny, Squiggy, and Carmine to help them pull off this mission. Lenny and Squiggy will drive the getaway car, and act as lookouts, while Carmine, Laverne, and Shirley will sneak through the air vents, and make their way into the boss's office. They will carefully maneuver around the alarm system, retrieve the letter, and be on their way. No one shall be the wiser.\n\nOf course, when they try to put the plan into action, our heroes run into some obstacles along the way, and quickly realize that this isn't going to be as easy as they thought."
"The girls turn to Edna for advice when their dates expect \"\"rewards\"\"."
"The girls throw Frank and Edna a fifth wedding anniversary party at their trailor, which has a broken trailor jack."
"Sgt. Plout goes AWOL and decides to hide out at the girl's apartment."
"After she has to miss a party because of her broken leg, Laverne sits at home alone and falls asleep while watching It's A Wonderful Life on TV. She then dreams what life would be like for her friends and her family if she had never been born."
"Laverne asks Carmine to give her singing lessons so that she can sing for Hoot Night at Cowboy Bill's."
"Because of Squiggy's forgetfulness, Laverne and Shirley must play all the parts in Shirley's play \"\"Murder In Mother Goose Land\"\", which a Broadway producer attends."
Season 7 - Laverne & Shirley
"Laverne and Shirley appear on television as part of a Latvian acrobatic act in an effort to help Lenny and Squiggy's new talent agency."
"Laverne and Shirley recall their high school days only to find themselves embroiled in a slugfest that leaves Laverne with a broken jaw."
"Laverne's old boyfriend Sal, comes to California looking for her. Now Sal is a succesful millionaire businessman and he once again proposes to Laverne."
"The girls attend a wild fraternity party and find out they're not as young as they used to be."
"Shirley finds herself mistakenly handcuffed to a bankrobber who is forced to take her with him when he escapes from the police."
"When Lenny and Squiggy invade the backstage of a televised awards show, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the stage with Joey Heatherton."
"Laverne accidentally loses one of her mother's diamond earrings."
"Laverne moves in with her new boyfriends but after having a talk with Lenny, she begins to have second thoughts. Laverne's new boyfriends asks Laverne to move in with him. Laverne tells Shirley she's moving out and this prompts a speech from Shirley seeing as Laverne isn't marrying the guy just living with him. Laverne convinces Shirley she really want to go, but asks Shirley to cover for her with her father. Needless to say not long after Laverne leaves, Frank turns up looking for Laverne. Shirley has to lie to him to keep him from suspecting the truth. Lenny turns up at Laverne's new apartment just in time to convince Laverne to re-think what she's doing. The boyfriend doesn't want to get married so Laverne realizes her mistake and moves back with Shirley."
"While wrapping in Bardwell's one day, Charles Grodin comes in and chats to the girls. Laverne mistakingly thinks he's asking her out and she invites him over for dinner. That night at dinner all the gang are there and Charles arrives. Shirley thinks he's after their gift wrapping jobs at Bardwell's so she is mean to him, and Lenny and Squiggy are there arguing with Laverne and Shirley becuase there was no water to rinse Squiggy's hair. Shirley and Carmine are arguing because she's tired of Carmine taking her out to eat on coupon dinners. Everybody is arguing and Charles tries to turn it around, but ends up hurting Laverne's feelings when it's declared that he didn't ask her out. This prompts the guys to ask him to leave, after that they all start being nice to each other and feel guilty as this was what Charles was preaching earlier. Charles comes back in to try to clear the air, and is forgiven by Laverne and the gang and they all head out to eat."
"Shirley tries to get Carmine to marry her after she is provided with a free wedding reception. Shirley talks Laverne into going to a promotional evening for brides to be. When she gets there, she discovers that a woman who has paid for an all frills wedding has to cancel, and she tells the organiser to give her wedding package to the next needy soul. Shirley promptly tells the woman that she is the needy soul she's looking for. Now that Shirley has a free wedding coming, she needs to talk Carmine into proposing to her. She tricks Carmine into asking her back at her flat and then rushes him out the door and says she'll meet him later at the hotel where the wedding ceremony will take place. Later when Laverne and Shirley and her two best men (Lenny and Squiggy) arrive at the hotel, the vicar is waiting along with all the guests and there's no Carmine. This prompts Laverne and Lenny and Squiggy to break into a few choruses of \"\"Lullaby of Broadway\"\" to entertain the crowd. Eventually Carmin"
"Squiggy is jealous of Lenny's new girlfriend. While out at the local tarpits, Lenny sees a nice girl reading on the lawn. A guy starts to hassle her so he tells him to leave her alone. Lenny then asks her out on a date, and this starts to make Squiggy feel that he's being left out. Three weeks later Lenny and Karen are still together and Squiggy is sure that Karen is out to break Lenny and Squiggy up. Lenny and Squiggy have an argument over Karen and Lenny leaves in a huff. Later at Cowboy Bills, Lenny learns that Karen has been accepted for a university in New York and she leaves in 2 days. Lenny thinks she's breaking up with him because he's too dumb, and tells Frank he's going back to the tarpits for a last farewell. Squiggy hears this from Frank and thinks Lenny is going to kill himself. He rushes to the tarpits to find Lenny waste deep in the tar, jumps in to save his life and after a heartfelt chat Squiggy apologizes and they leave best friends again. It was discovered that Lenny"
"After Shirley yells at Rhonda for wearing a coat made of animal fur, Laverne unknowingly sets Shirley up on a date with a furrier."
"Carmine is in the girls apartment getting Laverne to sew his pants after a dog took a bite out of them, when Rhonda comes in saying that she's just landed a lead role in a new movie\/musical about the life of a famous ex-boxer. Rhonda says that Carmine should try out for the lead role as he would make an excellent Rocky. Carmine agrees to meet Rhonda at Cowboy Bills to rehearse a scene. Later at Cowboy Bills, Laverne walks in on Carmine and Rhonda as they're rehearsing a tender moment. Laverne thinks Carmine is two timing Shirley and slaps him in the face, and storms out. Squiggy then enters and offers to represent Carmine at the audition. When Lenny, Squiggy and Carmine get to the audition, there are loads of guys waiting to try out for the part. Squiggy gets rid of the secretary and Lenny ducks into the main office. He comes out a minute later with a bandage on his head and tomato ketchup dripping from his bandage, telling all that he had never taken such a beating and that he was onl"
"The girls vow to get revenge on a rude, obnoxious singing star who was extremely rude to them at Bardwell's. They figure the way to get revenge is to take some incriminating pictures of him and sell them to a tabloid."
"Laverne is dating a guy but she doesn't know that he is married. When he takes her to a restaurant for dinner, his wife shows up. Not wanting his wife to know he is there on a date he throws Laverne in the big aquarium which is set up in the restaurant."
"Laverne, Shirley and Carmine go back to Milwaukee to attend their high school reunion. What they don't know, however is that the gang back home thinks that the girls are famous movie stars and that Carmine is a famous Las Vegas singer. Lenny and Squiggy write to the gang back in Milwaukee that Carmine, Laverne and Shirley have all made it big in Hollywood. Feeling slightly insecure about how they measure up the rest of their old classmates' successes, the trio agree to go along with the story. Laverne is supposedly dating Marlon Brando and Shirley Paul Newman, when Rosie starts asking questions about Marlon and the girls start giving contradictory answers, they soon get found out. Shirley then tells the truth and Terri Buttafuco asks them to leave for lying. The girls get out the doors and Laverne comes back in telling off all her old friends for only being nice to them because they thought they were famous. This lays a heavy guilt trip on their old friends and all is forgiven."
"Laverne and Shirley decide that they must change their usual habits for meeting guys because they're not getting anywhere going around the single bars. Rhonda comes in and shows the girls her new ski outfit. This gives Laverne the idea that they should go to a ski resort to meet new guys. Shirley reluctantly agrees. Next we see them trying to ski and failing miserably, especially Shirley. Along comes a chairlift guy who Laverne wants to impress so she lies about being a novice and pretends she knows how to get on the ski lift. Of course she doesn't and the next few scenes are pictures of the girls trying and failing to mount the ski lift. Eventualy they manage only to have the ski lift breakdown while they're half way up a mountain. The girls are up there for hours, but eventually they get back to the ground. We find them sitting on a rock, shivering and hugging among themselves about whose great idea it was to come skiing when along comes two mountain rescue guys Bob and Bennett who"
"Squiggy's long lost father suddenly shows up and wants to spend time with his son."
"Frank and Carmine argue about whether today's music is better or worse than the music of yesteryear."
"Carmine finds fame after being struck by lightning."
"Frank and Carmine set up booby traps in the girl's apartment to try and catch a burglar who has been breaking into the apartment and stealing things."
"When Shirley loses Laverne's favorite purse, she is afraid to tell her because she didn't ask if she could borrow it. When Laverne asks Shirley if she knows where the purse is, she lies and says no. Shirley then goes to sleep and dreams that Laverne is trying to kill her because she knows that Shirley lost her favorite purse and lied to her about it."
Season 8 - Laverne & Shirley
"Shirley marries Walter Meeney."
"The girls agree to live in Bardwell's main show window for a weekend in order to demonstrate the 'House Of The Future'"
"Laverne gets depressed and then angry after she finds a very short note from Shirley saying that she has left to go overseas with her husband who was just transferred there. Laverne just can't believe that Shirley would leave and only write a few words to say goodbye. To try and help cheer her up, each of the gang tries to find Laverne a new roommate. But things turn out okay after Laverne finds the rest of Shirley's note which had fallen under the bed."
"The show starts in Laverne's apartment, where she's trying to put together a load of her stuff to sell as she's desperate for money now she's out of a job. In comes Frank with an old army buddy whose life he saved during the war. This army buddy offers Laverne a job at Ajax Aerospace. Laverne's delighted and is told to report for work Monday morning. Come Monday, we see Laverne at her new job which is testing gravity boots. She soon finds this more boring than bottling beer in her old Milwaukee job. When everyone goes for lunch, there's only her and a weird guy called Chuck left in the room. To make things more exciting, Chuck gets Laverne to try on a secret experimental anti-gravity spacesuit. Laverne comes out wearing the the suit and helmet and Chuck who has the remote control soon has Laverne doing acrobtaics in mid-air. The problems start when Chuck can't get Laverne down, Laverne suggests she put on a pair of gravity boots which brings her back down to earth, however she can't ge"
"Laverne is waiting tables at Cowboy Bill's when Rhonda comes asking if Laverne would be kind enough to go downtown to pick up a Playboy Bunny application form for her as she's busy trying out for her new play. Rhonda suggests Laverne should pick up an application for herself at the same time. Laverne is reluctant to go and even more reluctant to get an application for herself because of her 'chicken ankles'. Next we see loads of beautiful girls at the Playboy auditions when Laverne walks in, the woman in charge is a hypochondriac and says she has a fever coming on so Laverne starts handing out the application forms for her. Laverne becomes friendly with a woman named Kathy. Laverne decides to apply after Kathy (Carrie Fisher) tells her to try after all what's she got to lose. Back at the flat, Laverne is eagerly waiting for a phone call from the Playboy auditions to see if she's allowed to attend \"\"Bunny Training\"\". She gets the call and she in. Laverne tells Frank that she's going to tr"
"Laverne makes friends with a group of people that she doesn't know are really a gang who plan to rob a bank. When she goes to the bank with them she thinks it is only to get new dishes that the bank is giving away with every new account that is opened. When she realizes what is actually happening it's too late because the police have already arrived. Laverne is handcuffed along with the rest of the gang and they are all carted off to jail."
"While waiting to be booked at the police station for the bank robbery, Laverne and her new 'friend' are mistaken for murderers who were on the run. They are both sentenced to be executed at midnight that night."
"When Laverne is convinced that she is jinxed after refusing to answer a chain letter, her friends send her a \"\"gypsy\"\" to help her."
"Laverne's plan to restore her cowardly boyfriend's self-confidence backfires."
"Laverne is convinced that the former trapeze artist she's been dating is out to kill her."
"Laverne, upset with the way her life has been going, asks if she can stay at a convent for a couple of weeks to try and sort things out. The Mother Superior lets her stay but then asks her to leave when she has trouble keeping the vow of silence that all the other Sisters have taken."
"Squiggy is mistaken for a Russion ballet dancer who is trying to defect to the United States."
"Sgt. Plout once again shows up on Laverne's doorstep. This time she is pregnant and looking for a place to stay. Plout and Laverne enter a mothers-to-be contest and then go to a funeral home to pay their respect to one of Frank's buddies. While at the funeral home, Sgt. Plout goes into labor and delivers her baby."
"Laverne talks her wacky friend Chuck into forming his own band after he plays Beethoven on his harmonica. Laverne is also on a special diet for her ulcer and back at the flat Carmine is trying to stop Laverne from eating all the wrong foods. Chuck shows Laverne his new band, a bunch of geeky looking guys enter and proceed to put Laverne to sleep with their classical playing. Laverne tells Chuck he has to play rock music if he wants to make big money. The guys trust Laverne so much that they've quit their jobs to become big musicians. Laverne tries to show them how to jazz up their act a little, but the results are still terrible. To make things worse, Squiggy has just gotten the band their first job. He tells them that they are to perform in 20 minutes. Laverne has to read out to the massive crowd that the Rolling Stones won't be performing and that instead her friend Chuck's band will be playing instead. Amazingly to everyone, the band plays extremely well and goes over a smash. It"
"Jealous of all the beautiful girls her new photographer boyfriend has to take pictures of, Laverne goes to a fashion show where he is working and ends up being one of the models in the show."
"When Frank finds a note from Edna saying that she has left him, he goes to Laverne's to talk to her about it. Laverne, who doesn't know that Edna has left, asks her father to stay at the apartment and babysit Little Chucky who is a chimp, because she has gotten a chance to sing with The Spinners as Rhonda gave her the winning woman. While singing with the group, she feels guilty about leaving her father when he wanted to talk to her so she rushes back home and learns about Edna leaving. The show ends with Little Chucky waiting on tables at Cowboy Bills."
"Laverne and the gang hold a seance to rid her apartment of a ghost that has taken up residence there."
"Lenny and Squiggy find a treasure map and convince Frank and Carmine to go with them to search for gold."
"Squiggy's bizarre sister, Squendolyn, arrives for a visit and ends up moving in with Laverne and falling for Carmine."
"Carmine and Squiggy are sitting at Cowboy Bills, as Carmine complains that nobody likes his new record 'Do the Hotfoot', Squigy notices that sitting at the next table is Bobby Bitts, king of the hits. Squiggy tries to talk Bobby into playing Carmine's record on his show \"\"American Dance Band\"\" but Bobby's having none of it. Squiggy decides the only way to get Bobby to hear the record is for Carmine to sing it live there at Cowboy Bills. Carmine gets a few verses in and Bobby stops him, says it's \"\"Superrific\"\" and books him to sing on his next show. The title is changed to \"\"Do the Carmine\"\", and Carmine now fills his head with dreams of becoming a rich rock star, and he asks Laverne if she'll be in the audience of the show to hear him sing. Carmine sings his record and for 1 week he's a success, but some pious do-gooder hears his song and thinks it's rebellious and communist. So he confronts Bobby and demands that he not play Carmine's record or he'll have his group put pressure on the sta"
"No description"
"Rhonda enters Cowboy Bills to tell Frank that she suspects Carmine is about to commit suicide. She tells Frank that he's packed all his stuff, turned off the gas, and disconnected his phone. Just as the two of them are about to run to try to save Carmine, he walks in and tells them that he's decided he's getting nowhere fast and that he wants to move to New Yrok to try his luck on Broadway. Rhonda and Frank lend him money as he doesn't have quite enough to get there yet. He says his goodbyes to Frank and Rhonda and he goes to tell Laverne. When he walks into Laverne's apartment to tell her his news, Laverne tells him that after weeks of saving she can finally afford to buy a water bed that she's been after. Carmine then tells her that he's sick of being a singing telegram boy and that he's moving to New York but he's $100 short. At this point Laverne offers to loan Carmine the $100 from her bed money. Eventually he takes it and says goodbye to her, too. Carmine arrives in New York and"