From Montmartre to the remote French countryside, Maigret encounters the dark side of the human psyche. Yet, he manages to maintain both compassion and a sense of humor as he explores the complex motives that lie behind every crime.

Genre: Drama

Actor: Jack Galloway

Country: UK , Hungary

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1992

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Maigret
"Maigret's patience is tested when the crime boss he has investigated for years, Manuel Palmari, commits another jewellery heist. But when Palmari himself is murdered, Maigret works with the criminal's shady mistress, Aline, to find the killer."
"Alfred Jussiaum is a safecracker. While he's on the job he finds the dead body of a woman in the house he's robbing. Afraid, he leaves town and asks his wife Ernestine to go to inspector Maigret and report the murder. Maigret goes to the house and the owner a dentist who lives with his mother denies there ever was a robbery much less a murder. Maigret is not convinced and he soon finds out that the doctor's wife who supposedly travelled to Holland the day of the murder hasn\u2019t reached her destination and is nowhere to be found. Someone is lying!"
Season 2 - Maigret
"A stripper reports a conspiracy to murder a countess and is found strangled."
"Maigret investigates when the wife of an American industrialist is found strangled in the kitchen of the Hotel Majestic."