Murder Comes to Town

"Things like that don't happen here," they always say. These are the shocking murder mysteries that haunt small town America. We'll discover the dark secrets that lie just beneath the outwardly wholesome surface of America's heartland.

Genre: Crime , Documentary

Actor: Tony Toste

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 7.3

Season 1 - Murder Comes to Town
"Nestled halfway between Bangor and the Canadian border, Webster Plantation has a population of less than 70 people. When two of its residents, Michael and Valerie Miller are found brutally murdered in their home, fear overwhelms everyone in town."
"A tight-knit Illinois farming town is rocked when a family of five is found beaten to death in their home. When the bodies of the Gee family are discovered, the tiny town of Beason, IL finds itself in the midst of a gruesome murder mystery."
"Eighteen-year-old Kelly Eckart disappears one night after finishing up her shift at a local hardware store. Hours later her car is discovered abandoned by the side of the road, still running, but Kelly is nowhere to be found."
"When elderly couple Charles and Grace Lewis vanish from the family farm along with their pickup truck, their children realize that something is terribly wrong. As word spreads, fear envelopes the quiet religious community of Bonne Terre, MO."
"When teenager Bridgett Frisbie sneaks out of her Katy, TX home one night, her parents assume it's just typical teenage rebellion. But the next day, a group of boys find her body in the woods just outside of town."
"When a beloved local business owner is murdered while minding his store in idyllic Cumberland Gap, TN, no one wants to think that the killer could be one of their own. Could the killer have been a stranger or someone a little closer to home?"
Season 2 - Murder Comes to Town
"Family means everything to folks who live in the mountain hollers of Townsend, TN. When one member of the large Griffin clan is found murdered and another goes missing, investigators begin to suspect that a family feud may have taken a deadly turn."
"Neighbors are sometimes miles apart in the tiny town of Horton, Kansas, but news travels fast when Patricia Kimmi disappears from her home. Evidence leads investigators to believe she may not be found alive. And worse, that her killer still lurks."
"When a mother of four is found tortured and brutally murdered in her home, the people of Northport, Washington discover that their isolation doesn't guarantee their safety."
"Most of the 500 or so folks who call Laurel, IN home are either kin or have known each other their whole lives. So when the Napier family is found massacred in their home, residents are terrified that a mass killer lurks somewhere in Laurel's fields."
"When the well-liked South Bend native, Tim Moore, seemingly vanishes one cold November night, residents begin to realize they may not know the folks next door as well as they thought."
"When longtime resident Sharron Erickson is found raped and murdered in the tiny Midwestern town of Colon, Nebraska, the community is stunned that the recent retiree could be the victim of such a savage crime."
"As the last dry county in the state of Alabama, Clay County is a place stuck in time. When bootlegger Billy Triplett and his wife turn up dead in the town of Barfield, locals suspect it must have had something to do with his illegal side-business."
"When Diana Algar and Jose Molina are found brutally murdered in rural Hollenback Township, Pennsylvania, three letters scrawled across Algar's living room wall become the central clue in a nationwide manhunt."
"Residents of Guffey, Colorado cherish their tiny mountain outpost for one reason - the peaceful Rocky Mountain surroundings. That peace is shattered one January night when Carl and JoAnna Dutcher are massacred alongside their grandson, Tony."
"When Angela and Ashley Hyke go missing one hot summer night and candles are found burning in their home, those close to them know that something is horribly wrong. The key to solving the mystery may lie in Angela\u2019s cryptic diary."
Season 3 - Murder Comes to Town
"Police are baffled when Melissa White is found murdered in the backyard of her Viola, Illinois home. But when investigators take a closer look at Melissa's neighbors, they unearth a secret. Could this be the key to apprehending Melissa's murderer?"
"When John Tarwacki Sr. discovers the bodies of his son and daughter-in-law, the only story told at the scene is found in the snow. Boot prints reveal the path the killer took, but the search for motive will lead police in a startling direction."
"When a couple is gunned down in the presence of children, a cryptic message scrawled across the home leads police to suspect the crime may be drug related. The only problem is, there's no evidence the victims had any involvement in the drug trade."
"The tiny town of Glendive, Montana is paralyzed with fear when mother of four Susan Casey vanishes. The ensuing investigation leaves everyone to wonder if one of her former flames is harboring a sinister secret?"
"When Carla Fuqua vanishes after a night out with friends, her family panics. She's a dedicated mother who would never leave her son behind. Even worse, Carla has become the fourth missing person in a town of less than 5,000."
"Rumors fly in the small town of Auburn, New Hampshire after well-known local George Jodoin is found murdered in his bed and the top three suspects are his close friends."
"When Cindy Borton is found brutally stabbed to death in her home, authorities immediately suspect those closest to her. But a note left at the site of a local arson lights a trail that turns the investigation on its head."
"When two college students are gunned down while parked in a quiet lovers' lane in Juliette, Georgia, the tiny community is beside itself with panic."
"When\u00a0Michael and Melisa Augustson move to little Alma, Georgia they're soon taken in by the\u00a0community. But on\u00a0December 14th, Michael comes home to\u00a0a scene of\u00a0unspeakable horror. His wife has been murdered, and only one\u00a0person in the town knows why."
"The discovery of the bullet-riddled bodies of Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker in tiny Weleetka, Oklahoma sends the community into a state of panic. If two of Weleetka's most innocent can fall victim to the sadistic killer, no one in town is safe."
Season 4 - Murder Comes to Town
"What begins as a frantic 911 call to help an assaulted neighbor ends in the most bizarre investigation the small town of Walsenburg, Colorado has ever seen - complete with a twisted tale of torture, family secrets, and a fallen Jehovah's Witness."
"The brutal murder of Mike and Terri Greene hits close to home in Grand Ledge, Michigan. The couple was beloved by everyone in the small town and Mike was a retired police officer. Evidence of a personal grudge, but could the motive so clear cut?"
"A respected businesswoman in the placid town of Madisonville, KY is found bludgeoned and stabbed to death in her home. Detectives follow a long path to pursue her killer, but will their trail of suspects eventually lead right back home?"
"When beloved young waitress Zilpha Lowery goes missing, foul play is immediately suspected. Rumors of her fate drift through town and tie her to another mysterious disappearance. The question on everyone's mind: what evil has invaded Marion, N.C."
"When a brush fire is reported in rural Winchester, Tenn., first responders are horrified to find the body of young Megan Sharp at the center of the blaze. Beaten, raped, burned, police race to bring justice before the attacker hunts down his next victim."
"When a town counsel member is found murdered in her home, residents of Berryville, Virginia are appalled. With the only evidence being the single bullet that took her life, the slaying begins to look more and more like a professional hit."
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Season 5 - Murder Comes to Town
"Lightning strikes twice in the desert town of Socorro, N.M., where Crystal Houston is found murdered just 14 months after her older sister, Stephanie, is killed in a suspicious accident."
"When a popular cheerleader goes missing in rural Arkansas, the small town is sent into a panic; after her sports car is found abandoned, investigators are sure something is not right, but no one expects the horror that ensues."
"The town of Cleveland, Okla., experiences overwhelming heartbreak when its esteemed sheriff is mysteriously gunned down in the night. As the community wrestles with its safety, law enforcement is determined to find justice for their fellow officer."
"Beloved teacher Margaret Jack Sliger is murdered on her farm in the sleepy town of Mooresburg, Tenn. Hawkins County detectives are charged with finding the sinister perpetrator to bring their community justice."
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