Detectives from NYPD's 15th Precinct investigate homicides within their precinct.

Genre: Drama

Director: Steven Bochco , David Milch

Country: USA

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1993

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - NYPD Blue
"Detective John Kelly has his hands full. On the work front, his partner's drinking problem and continual harassment of gangster Alfonse Giardella is about to get them both in over their heads with the mob. On the personal front, his wife wants a divorce."
"Lieutenant Fancy and Detective Kelly are warned to stop pressuring the mob even as Andy Sipowicz lies in the hospital with numerous gunshot wounds. Back at Kelly's ex-wife's apartment building, an angry young man starts carrying a gun for protection."
"After discovering the hotel where Giardella is being held, Sipowicz gets his revenge with the help of a pet bulldog and the hotel's thankful chef."
"Kelly quits moonlighting as a bodyguard after discovering his millionaire employer is a wife beater. Later Kelly speaks at a tenant meeting explaining the dangers of carrying a gun for protection. Unfortunately, his talk has little impact on the tenant in 4B."
"Martinez discovers the superintendent of his brother's apartment building is a cop who beats and robs tenants who fall behind on their rent."
"Kelly is forced to arrest a close friend after a fight on the basketball court leaves another friend dead."
"When Sipowicz's estranged son, Andy Jr., shows up and announces his engagement, Andy Sr. decides to look into the bride-to-be's background."
"Lieutenant Fancy hires Donna Abandando, a well-endowed civilian employee, to work in the precinct's \"safe street\" program."
"When Martinez's brother dies from a drug overdose, their father sets out to kill the drug dealer responsible."
"Ignoring Kelly's advice, Licalsi reveals that she's being blackmailed by the mob. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the brutal robbery-murder of a wealthy family and work with a pawn dealer in hopes of retrieving a stolen Oscar statuette."
"As the holiday's approach, Kelly and Sipowicz get a early gift in the form of a hot tip while investigating the kidnapping of a young girl."
"While Martinez investigates a series of robberies involving a fake ATM machine, Kelly's current case yields evidence that links Licalsi to the mob. Meanwhile, Lt. Fancy tries to extend his custody of a young boy whose mother is in a drug rehabilitation program."
"Donna's joy over Medavoy leaving his wife is short-lived when he has a change of heart."
"When a woman who was raped refuses to press charges for fear her husband will say she brought it upon herself, Licalsi acts as a decoy in an attempt to trap the prime suspect."
"When Kelly and Sipowicz respond to a suicide call they find the body of a police informant who had come to the precinct earlier that day shouting that she was sleeping with her police contact. Licalsi suspects that her partner is taking drugs."
"Sipowicz has to diffuse an explosive situation when a disabled Vietnam vet who was mugged decides to take matters into his own hands."
"Sipowicz is furious when he suspects a private investigator is giving false hope to a man whose daughter has been missing for 2 and a half years."
"When a material witness to a drug hit turns up dead, Sipowicz and Kelly's investigation leads them to two brothers who have also planned a hit on Kelly's ex-wife, Laura. Sipowicz must perform uniform-detail in a dress uniform way too small."
"Detectives searching a landfill for the body of a dead girl find the body of a millionaire instead. While Kelly interviews the wife of the deceased, Sipowicz does some investigating of his own after Andy Jr. is arrested for selling cocaine."
"Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the death of a man's mistress, which they later find out is one of many lovers the man currently has. Meanwhile, Licalsi is promoted and Fancy breaks the news to her husband that she's pregnant."
"Even as Licalsi confesses to shooting Angelo Marino and his driver, Martinez is forced to shoot an irate man who points a gun at Medavoy while they're stuck in traffic."
"Sipowicz and Kelly investigate the stabbing death of a priest whose body was found in a park frequented by male prostitutes."
Season 2 - NYPD Blue
"Licalsi tries to plea bargain his case and only get six years in prison for the murder, but Kelly is greatly opposed to the bargain after realizing he's in love with Janice. After learning that Kelly still has feelings for Janice, Robin ends their relationship. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Kelly go on a stakeout of an apartment complex that have been the target of several robberies."
"Licalsi takes the stand during her trial. The Internal Affairs Bureau investigates Kelly and Sipowicz in regards to the arrest of Officer Guyce and Officer Quint. Meanwhile, Kelly, Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the murder of a black couple."
"Kelly investigates the death of an undercover cop in Chinatown, and to do so he must accept help from a prominent Chinese gang leader. Meanwhile, Sipowicz finds out that a former abuse case he had worked on has escalated into homicide; and Medavoy and Donna\u2019s relationship is revealed after Lt. Fancy catches them in the act, leading to Fancy warning the precinct against interoffice relationships."
"Kelly\u2019s future with the force is decided as he investigates the death of an 18-month old baby shot in a drive-by while riding in a car driven by Duane Rollins. Though everyone believes the act was random, Kelly believes that Rollins was the intended target. Meanwhile, Sipowicz finds the body of a cop, and must continue dealing with both his commitments to Alcoholics Anonymous and his feelings for Sylvia Costas."
"In Kelly\u2019s absence, Detective Bobby Simone joins the force and is assigned to work with Sipowicz on a case involving the murder of a mob member\u2019s son. Later at the precinct, her boyfriend, Detective Jimmy Abruzzo, threatens Detective Lesniak with a gun; and a woman claims her husband is sexually abusing her 14-year old daughter."
"A chiropractor\u2019s wife is found murdered and Simone and Sipowicz discover that the chiropractor, Dr. Peter Shennon, was having an affair with his secretary, Judith Krasky, which turns all suspicions towards him. Meanwhile, while working for a security company, Martinez falls for Leticia Beltran, a college student he\u2019s assigned to protect. Later, a woman, Christine Williamson, brings Simone a gun she found her 11-year old son playing with."
"An 11-year old boy admits to killing an Hispanic student in the midst of a turf-war at his elementary school, but Simone has a suspicion that the boy is taking the fall for someone. When a ladies\u2019 man, Eddie Reyna, learns he\u2019s HIV positive, he becomes targeted by one of his former lovers that he infected with the disease. Meanwhile, Donna\u2019s sister, Dana, comes to town for a visit, which causes a rift between Donna and Medavoy."
"Sipowicz and Simone are assigned to the case of a pregnant woman who was murdered and the only charred remnants remain, which means there are few clues for the detectives to go by. Meanwhile, Sipowicz grows increasingly concerned when a close friend, Dan Breen, is badly beaten by his mentally handicapped son, Danny."
"Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a gay bar proprietor and have transsexual Candace La Rue as a material witness. Dan Breen decides to visit his mentally disturbed son, Danny, despite Sipowicz warning him not to do so. Elsewhere, Medavoy investigates a fortune telling scam after a woman is conned out of her life savings; and Lt. Fancy\u2019s wife goes into labor."
"Detective Soloman tries to use his status to steal a case from Detective Simone after Simone arrested a notorious serial killer, Putnam. Meanwhile, Commander Haverill tricks Lt. Fancy into lying about a case involving a crime lord; Lesniak goes after a flasher; Sipowicz once again proposes to Sylvia Costas; and Benita Alden, a reporter, flirts with Simone."
"Simone and Sipowicz follow hot on the trail of the \u201cWebster Dictionary\u201d serial killer, though bureau politics take their toll on the case. Meanwhile, Sipowicz uses Vinnie Greco as an informant in order to try to stop a bank heist; and Lt. Fancy enlists Greco\u2019s help in order to get even with Commander Haverill."
"The detectives investigate the brutal murder of a young woman. Their investigation leads to one main suspect \u2013 Derrick Cobb, the girl\u2019s former stepfather. Simone worries that one of his close friends, Raymond diSalvo, has gotten involved in drug dealing at a dance club. Lesniak investigates con artist Mac McClellan."
"Three fast-food employees are murdered execution-style. As Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murders, Martinez and Lesniak look into the attempted rape of an elderly woman. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Sylvia Costas have differences when it comes to planning their wedding; and Martinez becomes jealous when Lesniak has lunch with an old friend, Dr. Druzinski."
"Simone and Sipowicz investigate the death of a pimp, but all evidence they find points to one of their own, Jerry McCabe. Medavoy\u2019s constant jealously causes Donna to rethink their relationship and Simone begins to worry that Benita Alden is using him for her career gains."
"Simone and Sipowicz are assigned to investigate Vartan Illiescu, an immigrant suspected of being a terrorist. An unknown person kills George Putnam, a serial killer, out of revenge before he can be tried in court. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Donna\u2019s relationship crumbles after Medavoy gets advice from Dana."
"Simone and Sipowicz are put on the case of a teenager known for his graffiti work who was brutally murdered. Meanwhile, Donna continues to contemplate her relationship Medavoy; and Sylvia is mugged, which results in a deep secret being revealed to Sipowicz."
"Simone has to convince Joyce Novak, a witness in a double-homicide case, to testify. Sipowicz is assigned to investigate the murder of an elderly woman who was the owner of a candy store he worked at when he was growing up."
"A man goes on a shooting spree, killing a waitress, two cops and three other citizens before he was apprehended. Meanwhile, Lt. Fancy speaks on behalf of Reggie after Reggie squares off with Sgt. MacNamara."
"Simone becomes attracted to an undercover cop, Diane Russell, as they work together to capture an arsonist. Sipowicz becomes personally involved in a case after a woman he convinced to testify in a case is murdered. Martinez and Lt. Fancy square off at the annual department boxing tournament."
"Help comes from an unexpected place as Sipowicz and Simone investigate the murder of a bookie. Joyce Novak, a witness to a murder, charges Simone with sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Sylvia and Sipowicz head to religious counseling to prepare for their upcoming nuptials."
"An ill infant becomes the missing link in a serial rapist case Simone and Sipowicz are investigating. Simone suspects Russell of trying to cover up a serious problem; Medavoy considers getting back together with his wife with whom he is separated; and Irvin asks Simone for help when police officers assault him and his lover."
"Sipowicz tries to get a confession and capitalizes on a mistaken identity. Lt. Fancy\u2019s brother is falsely accused of accepting bribes and Simone is able to uncover the truth behind the crime. Russell\u2019s apparent hangover almost results in a hazardous situation during a sweep. Later, the precinct throws a bachelor party for Sipowicz, who is noticeably dealing with pre-marriage jitters."
Season 3 - NYPD Blue
"Martinez is shot when he and Medavoy walk in on a bar robbery. One of the robbers gets protection from the DA for information, which upsets James' colleagues. Sylvia breaks some news to Sipowicz, while Simone and Russell try for a reconcilliation."
"A retarded man is accused of killing his sister, but Simone suspects otherwise. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Sipowicz go under cover to recover a stolen Jewish icon. Sipowicz struggles to keep a secret."
"Simone and Sipowicz get a break in a rape case when a man fitting the assailants description is seen in the station. Russell has to resolve her families domestic problems. Meanwhile, Martinez, on his first day back, gets some disappointing news from Lesniak."
"A baby and a small child are shot and killed in a robbery. Sipowicz's bad mood hinders the investigation and causes a rift with Simone."
"Ronnie Drucker, a detective under investigation, is reassigned to the 15th squad and compromises Simone. A young girl, confused by drugs, is the only witness to a shooting in a laundromat."
"Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of an Indian woman, found strangled in her locked car. Medavoy and Martinez arrest a man acting strangely and find he's involved in a credit card scam. Lesniak and Russell team up to trap a gun dealer. Simone gets over-protective and makes Russell angry."
"An ex-boxer, an old friend of Simone's, refuses to admit he's getting forgetful. The FBI take over a kidnap case, but Simone and Sipowicz find an informant and work the case on their own."
"Simone's old pal Ray turns informant, from jail, in order to get a reduced sentence, but things don't go to plan. A father takes deadly revenge to protect his bullied son. Medavoy has to placate 2 actors who come to blows on stage."
"A young girl is found stabbed, in Chinatown. Suspicion falls on the ex-boyfriend. Simone & Sipowicz Investigate. Martinez & Lezniak have to investigate a robbery, together, despite the bad feeling between them. Medavoy moves into the bunk-room."
"A basketball game, held in the memory of a young boy, erupts into violence. 2 dead, 7 wounded. Andy has a race relation's problem with the organizer of the event that was witnessed by a reporter. Fancy and Sipowicz's relationship is on shaky ground as details of this event come to light and Andy is removed from the case."
"A girl's body is found, burned, in an abandoned basement. Information from the husband of the girl's best friend points to a Russian, who had tried to date her, but had been refused. Simone puts together a scenario, involving the husband and 2 of his associates. Medavoy gets some overtime, on bodyguard duty and gets lucky in the card school."
"A bruised and battered wife tells Sipowicz that her husband claimed to have killed somebody 8 years previously. Sipowicz follows a trail, leading back to 2 previous relationships. Russell is told that her father has been shot and killed. Her brother claims to have done it, but Simone thinks he's not telling the whole truth."
"Russell gets a lawyer for her mother. Simone and Sipowicz investigate the shooting of a known mobster's son. Suspicion falls on his younger brother, but the father interferes with the search. Medavoy and Russell get a call to where a woman has been shot, while in bed. Her son tells Russell that he got a message, from his step-father, confessing to the shooting. His rich step-father's lawyer makes difficulties."
"Martinez and Lezniak's relationship takes a step forward. Simone and Sipowicz are called to a bloody murder scene with satanistic overtones. A doctor is mugged and shot on a visit to his secretary's apartment. Russell and Medavoy feel the wrath of his wife's anger."
"A University Professor is found decapitated. His mother gives Simone and Sipowicz a hard time. Lezniak gets jealous when Martinez meets a porn star. Andy's son turns up, out of the blue."
"After a young girl is strangled and thrown from a roof, Simone and Sipowicz find a similar case in another district. The investigating officer comes to the 15th, to share information and immediately gets in Andy's bad books. Russell and Martinez disagree over the claims of rape made by a woman, against a married schoolteacher. Sipowicz and Andy Junior go 'on the street'."
"Medavoy and Martinez investigate the murder of a voodoo priest. Russell gets assigned to help a drug enforcement team, working in the Precinct. Simone spots an old acquaintance, Hollie, who used to give him good information."
"A dead man is found, dumped in an alley. His name has possible mob connections. Donna gives Russell information about a possible hi-jack. A surveillance op goes wrong, when Simone and Sipowicz assist the FBI."
"A woman is found, murdered, in her apartment. Neighbours fingers point at the junkie nephew. Simone and Sipowicz investigate. Medavoy and Martinez search for a biker, seen in a bar, where the bouncer is beaten to death. Sylvia nears the end of her pregnancy."
"After a shooting at a bar, Simone and Sipowicz are sent to the hospital and find that they know one of the victims. The whole squad is involved in the hunt for the killers."
"The hunt for AJ's killers continues."
"Simone and Sipowicz go to a shooting at a paint shop. A suspect is located in hospital, with a bullet wound. The other detectives go to a shooting in an alley, where the victim has bullet holes, but no sign og blood."
Season 4 - NYPD Blue
"Greg and Andy consider going on a diet. Simone considers his feelings for Diane. A body in a trunk leads to a gun chase and the hunt for the killer. The squad greet a new PAA."
"Det. Morrissey enlists the help of Andy and Bobby on his missing child case. Cotelli and Martinez tout for votes in the election for officer's rep. Medavoy and Sipowicz start their diet plans."
"Simone struggles to make sense of the shooting at the apartment block, which he now owns. Meanwhile, he and Sipowicz re-open an old case, which may have imprisoned the wrong man. Greg and Andy weigh-in at the end of the first week's diet. The result is out for the Delegate's election."
"An old adversary of Sipowicz's is killed in a drug related shooting. Andy and Bobby have to investigate his involvement. Medavoy and Martinez search for the killers in a grocery store shooting."
"A 'Prince' is robbed of expensive paintings. Martinez gets his first case as Delegate. Russell goes under cover."
"A Limo driver is shot. Witnesses blame it on the passengers. Simone and Sipowicz search for his last clients. A new female detective joins the squad and immediately gets involved with a man receiving death threats. Simone helps Savino search for the killer of the girl shot through the peep-hole."
"A mother claims her daughter has been raped by a gang of prep school boys. Simone investigates. Rusell is having problems working under cover. Sipowicz has to interpret the ramblings of a mentally disabled young man."
"Simone and Sipowicz investigate a street shooting when witnesses name a man who is supposed to be in jail. Macey, a young man who was previously in the care of Lt. Fancy, is caught carrying drugs. Medavoy meets with more disappointment."
"Russell wakes up in Jimmy Leiry's bed and doesn't know what happened. There's been a strangling in a mainly Polish community. A man is found shot dead, in a quiet neighbourhood. Everybody knows him, but nobody saw anything."
"A young thief tells Medavoy and Martinez about a body in an apartment. Simone goes after Jimmy Leiry."
"Two diamond dealers claim they've been robbed of over 1 million dollars worth of diamonds - and the sister of one of them is involved. Gina is attacked at knifepoint and ends up in hospital."
"Sipowicz and Russell have a heart to heart. An off duty cop, involved in a shooting, causes a rift between uniform and plain-clothes when Simone and Sipowicz investigate. A young girls body is found in a rubbish skip."
"A man, found hanging, places suspicion on a precinct PAA. 2 rival groups of manual workers confront each other and one of them is killed."
"A junk yard owner finds the body of a tortured woman in the boot of a car. Gina returns to work. A man, with massive head trauma, is found on a vacant lot, next to where he lives."
"Lt. Fancy falls fowl of an over zealous patrolman. Sipowicz is reminded of his son's death when he and Simone investigate a series of bar hold-ups. Martinez, Medavoy and Russell have to deal with a confidence trickster."
"A dead woman, found in an alley appears to be another in a series of brutal rapes. Simone and Sipowicz investigate. The rest of the squad tries to find out why shots fired from a bus injured a woman and a child."
"3 Latino men shoot another, who's walking with his girlfriend, in what looks to be a gang related feud. Martinez and Medavoy search for the killer of a man in a car repair shop. Russell and Kirkendall investigate the death of a baby, while in the care of a child-minder."
"2 male transvestites, previous acquaintances of Russell's make a complaint against a boyfriend. The parents of an old school friend of Kirkendall's accuse their daughter of theft."
"Rap star 'Daddy Kool' is shot but refuses to cooperate with the police, to catch the shooter. Lt. Fancy is accused, by a uniform cop, of setting him up to rob a drugs dealer. Medavoy gets a proposition."
"A shooting in a Hispanic club leaves 3 dead and 5 wounded. A mother claims her husband beat her and raped her daughter. Medavoy awaits a call for his services. Simone is approached for information."
"Medavoy and Martinez search for a man who hijacks a bus to get people home quicker. Simone gets into trouble with IAB. Sipowicz does his best to protect a witness to a robbery and rape."
"Simone gets caught between the FBI and IAB. Sipowicz and Russell investigate the death of a woman after getting a warning from her Psychiatrist. Medavoy and Martinez have to tread carefully when dealing with a reporter who has been mugged."
Season 5 - NYPD Blue
"Simone is still under suspension and gets a visit from the FBI. Kirkendall goes 'undercover' on his behalf. The squad hunt for a pimp who goes on the rampage, apparently killing indiscriminately."
"3 men hold up a bar and a customer gets shot, but there's confusion over who shot him. Russell and Martinez investigate the latest in a series of rape attacks in the same hotel. Simone works his first shift."
"Medavoy gets a call from Abby, saying her girlfriend has been killed. He, Martinez and Kirkendall hunt the killer. Simone, Sipowicz and Russell are called to a burnt out car which has a body inside."
"Simone and Sipowicz investigate a body, which has been thrown from a roof. The only witness is worried about 'aliens'. Medavoy and Martinez get involved in a string of cab hold-ups."
"Simone and Kirkendall investigate the shooting of a Korean shopkeeper. His son causes problems when he offers a reward. Russell and Sipowicz talk to a little girl, who has been beaten and raped. Her mother is convinced that the assailant is a local mentally disabled boy."
"A family of three is attacked in their home and only the father survives. Simone and Sipowicz investigate. An old friend of Fancy's confesses to his part in a 15 year old crime. The rest of the squad investigate a serious assault at a musical agency, which leaves a manager near death."
"2 working girls are raped and strangled in their shared apartment. Simone and Sipowicz hunt the killers. Medavoy and Martinez get information that a contract killing is being arranged. Russell and Kirkendall search for a necklace which was given away by mistake."
"The child of a rich family goes missing. The father suspects Israel, a local vagrant, of kidnapping him. Sipowicz has other ideas. In another case, a jewish girl is found raped and murdered on a bridge. Later, a young woman is caught using the murdered girl's credit card. Medavoy, Martinez and Russell piece together the information."
"A murdered boy's father insists that a homeless man is guilty. The mother takes Russell into her confidence. Simone and Sipowicz hunt the killer."
"An old school friend of Sipowicz asks for help to talk to his daughter about her relationships. Martinez and Medavoy investigate a bizarre theft of gold teeth."
"A drug-dealer's wife is found shot and their safe emptied. Simone and Sipowicz take the case. Russell and Kirkendall put themselves in the firing line. Meanwhile, Medavoy and Martinez get a call to investigate the body of a dead prostitute, found dumped in the garbage."
"A woman is found beaten to death and left in a wooden crate. Simone and Sipowicz trace her family. Medavoy and Kirkendall hunt for the shooter of a Car Services worker. Russell is called to the hospital, where a 6-year old boy has died. His parents claim it was an accident."
"A series of armed robberies at ATM Cashpoints leads Simone and Russell to a suspect. His mother knows where he is but refuses to help. Medavoy gets confused when a man blames his identical twin brother for a sex assault."
"A woman witnesses 2 black boys throwing a white boy from a roof. Simone and Sipowicz suspect that there's a drug connection. Lt. Fancy is angered by racist comments in the squad room. Meanwhile, Kirkendall and Medavoy are called to a home where a 12 year-old boy found his mother dead and chopped into pieces."
"Simone and Sipowicz investigate the death of a woman who is found stabbed in her apartment. They get a quick confession but everything is not as it seems. Medavoy and Kirkendall hunt the killer of a cycle messenger who gets shot while apparently trying to catch a thief. Sipowicz gets a visit from his physician, but is not pleased about it."
"Simone and Sipowicz continue the search for Darlene's killer and suspicion falls on a cop. Medavoy gets a call from Abby. Russell returns to work and she and Kirkendall hunt two black youths who shoot a student and steal his video camera. Sylvia returns to her job as ADA."
"Two girls have been raped, then shot and left for dead, but one survives and points Simone and Sipowicz towards her attackers. The rest of the squad go to a Medical Centre where a security guard has been killed. His colleague's story differs from that of an independant witness and raises suspicions. Sipowicz finally admits his fears to Simone."
"Sipowicz goes to hospital and fears he won't come out. Officer Richardson's wife pours her heart out to Simone and Russell. The squad investigate a bizarre death, involving a dead man in a tub, another with severe electric shock and a teenage girl, who won't say what happened."
"While Sipowicz remains in hospital for his Prostate op, detective Martinez returns to work, after the birth of his child. The squad investigate the discovery of a body in a burnt out van. The 5 'friends' of the victim tell the same story, but the detectives suspect a cover-up. Medavoy shows Martinez his own childs birth video."
"During a routine investigation into a domestic shooting incident, the detectives discover that a child has been missing for 2 months. Sipowicz - back at work after his op - and Russell have to tread carefully to discover the truth. Simone is called away to help another squad who are searching for a missing tenant from Simone's owned apartment block."
"Two bodies are found in the same vicinity. One, a car salesman with a reputation for dodgy deals, has been shot and dumped. The other, a homeless woman, has been raped and murdered. The team splits up. Simone and Sipowicz enlist the help of Sylvia Costas, who comes up with a plan. Medavoy hits the jackpot, with his interview technique."
"A mother and 5 year-old child have been shot dead in their apartment. Simone and Sipowicz suspect that a previous break-in may be connected to the killings and that ADA Cohen might be able to help them find the killer. Russell and Kirkendall search for a missing child and trace known paedophiles in their hunt for the abductor. Sipowicz's doctor gives him some good news and good advice."
Season 6 - NYPD Blue
"Simone visits his dentist who asks him for help with his daughter's drug problem. A rich man's son is found tortured and killed. The father blames his son's 'gay' lifestyle, and names a possible suspect, but Simone and Sipowicz uncover a different story. A young girl is reluctant to tell the truth, after an attempted rape. Russell and Kirkendall enlist the help of the girl's mother."
"A shoot-out leaves 2 dead and a third injured when a drunk, off-duty cop witnesses an attempted mugging. The cop can't seem to get his story straight and angers ex-drunk Sipowicz. The cop's boss wants him to take the blame, but Sipowicz wants the truth. Russell has to take Simone to hospital when he becomes ill, during the investigation."
"Simone's condition starts to worsen, requiring more tests. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Martinez investigate the death of a man found in the park, with his pants down. Sipowicz gets tetchy, over the lack of information from the hospital."
"As Simone's condition worsens, Lt. Fancy makes a request to the Uniformed Officers to be aware of the need for a usable heart. Simone's colleagues have to occupy their minds with the case of an old lady found hacked to pieces in her apartment. Of her two sons, one doesn't seem to care about it and the other is too full of drugs to understand what has happened. Sipowicz's mood gets him into a fight."
"Simone's recovery is hampered by a chest infection. The doctors differ in their opinions of which treatment to use. Sipowicz's ex-wife turns up at the station, drunk and asking for his help."
"New squad member, Danny Sorenson, arrives and gets sent to a drive-by shooting, with Sipowicz. The rest of the squad, including Russell on her first day back at work, attend another shooting. The two incidents are related and cause friction between the two teams of investigators. ADA Costas asks Sipowicz to look into an old case she has reservations about."
"Sipowicz and Sorenson are called to a robbery, where the aged shopkeepers have been beaten. The woman dies and Sorenson is affected. They hunt 2 black youths who were seen running away from the store. Russell and Kirkendall are sent to a 'Gentleman's Club' where a client has been killed. One of the girls implicates an ex staff member as the possible killer. Sgt. Dorning admits his doubts to Sipowicz, about an old case."
"Confusion reigns as an off-duty cop shoots an undercover cop after taking a bullet in the shoulder. When the first shooter confesses to Sorenson, it triggers Sipowicz and Lt. Fancy to renew their own private little war. Russell and Kirkendall, meanwhile, are busy investigating another crime involving a member of the precinct staff. ADA Costas is still worrying over the death, in Ryker's Island, of a man she helped put inside."
"Kirkendall's son witnesses a stabbing in a convenience store. Sorenson and Russell join forces to try and protect him from getting caught up in the 'system'. Medavoy and Martinez have to get their hands dirty to solve the killing of a vagrant with lots of enemies. Sgt. Dorning helps ADA Costas and Sipowicz with the Suarez case."
"Russell is still struggling with the loss of Simone and enlists Kirkendall's help. ADA Costas looks for ways to get Freddie Asuncion and clear Luis Suarez's name. The whole squad is involved when a supermarket is robbed and an off-duty cop is killed. When the FBI and Internal Affairs become involved, it opens old wounds for Sipowicz and Sorenson."
"A close friend of Sorenson's takes the law into his own hands when he confronts a groper on his bus route and puts his life in danger. A female tenant points the finger at a male tenant, when another female tenant is found strangled and beaten to death. Sorenson becomes her confidant in order to get to the truth."
"When a man's body is found shot and dumped in an alley, Medavoy and Martinez have to calm the victim's angry brothers. Russell and Kirkendall get a confession to rape and murder while searching for a missing schoolgirl. The squad's PAA is missing and her friend believes he knows why."
"When a dead hooker is found on a building site, her identification causes problems for Russell and Kirkendall. Sipowicz and Sorenson are called in to assist Lt. Fancy and Sgt. Dorning, who then find themselves in a dangerous situation. Russell gets a visit from an acquaintance of her late husband."
"A 9 year-old girl is found dead inside a locked basement, the supervisor is the only key-holder, but he has an alibi. Sipowicz and Sorenson have to solve the whodunit. Medavoy and Martinez help an old man to trace the person who swindled him out of 8000 dollars. Sorenson's sister comes to visit him. Dolores father turns up at the squad room."
"Sipowicz has a nightmare about his father and Officer Dorning. A Police Officer shoots a drug dealer but can't prove that the dealer was armed. Sorenson and Sipowicz use all their resources to help him. Russell and Kirkendall try to settle a dispute between a convicted mobster and his Polish neighbour."
"Sorenson's private life affects the whole squad when his girlfriend turns up at the station. A body is found in a dumpster. The squad get a lead when the dead man's credit card is used."
"Sipowicz and Sorenson have to find out who is responsible for a woman dying, after she was tied up during a robbery. The rest of the squad get involved in solving a truck hi-jacking. Information on the possible culprit comes from ex-detective Roberts, who also passes on a warning."
"Ex-detective Mike Roberts is found dead, in an apparent suicide. John Irvine, the PAA, reveals his conversation with Roberts, to Sipowicz. The squad set up a sting to trap a suspect."
"Officer Dornan disrupts an AA meeting, leaving Sipowicz no option but to involve Lt. Fancy. Dolores' father threatens to take action against Malcolm Cullinan and gets PAA Irvine into trouble. Sipowicz and Sorenson search for the pusher who supplied Mike Roberts. ADA Cohen continues to express his jealousy, over Kirkendall."
"A man is shot dead in what his wife claims was a case of mistaken identity. Kenny Priest gives his evidence to ADA Costas, who has replaced ADA Cohen. Sinclair, Cullinan's lawyer, tries to goad Sipowicz."
"Mike Shannon brings in a young boy who makes a confession to Sorenson. Sipowicz worries about his up-coming court appearance facing Sinclair. ADA Costas takes care of him. Dolores father attends the court hearing."
"Sipowicz stays away from the squad and tries to come to terms with his loss. Evidence comes to light implicating Cullinan in more misdeeds and Sorenson turns to Sipowicz for advice. John Irvine is released from hospital, but is reluctant to return to the Precinct."
Season 7 - NYPD Blue
"Danny and Andy catch an assault that looks like it was done by the boys in blue. Jill considers dating her ex-husband."
"Jill's son has his first communion, where Andy and Danny spot a surveillance van across the street from the church. A baby is found dead in a dumpster."
"Andy is finding Theo a challenge. A man is found dead in a hotel bath-tub, minus a part of his anatomy and some personal effects. A mother brings her son into the house because she thinks he's been stealing."
"The squad attends a homicide with seven naked bodies. Jill's ex is arrested."
"James passes his sergeant's exam. Jill's ex-husband could be causing problems for Jill."
"It's James' last day with the squad before he moves on as a sergeant. Jill's ex is in the wind and causing more problems for Jill."
"Medavoy gets a new partner. A cop is shot and killed. Diane seeks counsel from Andy about whether to tell Jill what she knows about her ex."
"A woman is run over by a bus, she was already dead when she was tossed from a van. Two Russian boys go missing after their father says he left them with his sister."
"A young boy is suspected of killing his mother's boyfriend; Fancy realizes that Lt. Abner is severely depressed. Sipowicz has a date with a niece of a friend as a favor; Katie becomes upset at this news."
"Andy and Danny reopen an unsolved murder when the body of a small child is found buried within a wall; Medavoy and Jones deal with the owner of a dog who has a bullet in his nose they need as evidence in their case."
"Fancy tries to rebuild his relationship with Abner; Andy and Danny investigate the murder of a club owner; Jones takes out his frustration on a man who is suspected of raping and beating a woman."
"John Irvin, the department's PAA, helps Andy and Danny with a possible love triangle homicide. Jill and Diane help a mentally challenged woman find the gang who raped her."
"Medavoy and Jones look for a woman reported missing by her \"distraught\" husband; Andy and Danny deal with a snotty, eccentric art owner whose collection has been stolen."
"Andy and Danny investigate the robbery of an elderly couple; Medavoy and Jones deal with a wealthy woman with a grudge against her former maid; Danny's informant, J.B., seems headed for disaster."
"Danny has an emotional crisis; John Irvin helps in a case involving stolen antique clothing; Jill deals with a young woman with small children who steals because of her unemployed, abusive husband."
"Jones uses his charm to help Andy and Danny solve the murder of an elderly couple; Medavoy gets involved with an old friend who is having trouble with the Chinese mafia."
"A dismembered is found in a barrel. The trail leads Andy and Danny to a mobster who denies knowledge; they later learn he's connected to another murder, his wife who disappeared years earlier."
"A young woman tries to convince Jill and Diane that her twin sister has become a victim of foul play. Andy and Danny investigate an immigrant's missing, wealthy and unpopular wife."
"The detectives accept the help of a pair of British policeman catch a rapist-murdered who has emigrated from England to NY. Meanwhile, Jones becomes close with a reporter he met during a previous case."
"Diane once again finds herself embroiled with Harry Denby who has information about Jill's ex-husband. Greg and Jones discover a home repair scam."
"Andy goes into a tailspin when a doctor's visit reveals that Theo may have cancer. Diane and Jill's relationship suffers when info about Jill's ex-husband surfaces. Andy and Danny ponder the impact on Jill's career."
"IAB is closing in on Jill. Jill explains the leverage Don has over her. Andy stays by Theo's side as he undergoes tests to determine if he has cancer. Changes are made in the department as fallout over Jill's ex-husband."
Season 8 - NYPD Blue
"The detectives investigate a multiple homicide at a fast food restaurant; an addict gives his baby daughter to a drug dealer as collateral on an overdue loan; Internal Affairs reopens the Kirkendall case."
"Danny wakes up in Diane's bed. Andy and Katie get Theo's test results. A former colleague of Bobby's reaches out to Diane from prison. The team investigate a series of cab-driver shootings."
"An female officer is shot following a stationery store robbery and later dies in hospital. Danny tries to keep Diane safe. A new ADA arrives. Katie decides to move back home."
"Fancy is being sent on a training course ahead of the squad getting computers. A woman is attacked by a court jester in a hotel room, then a body is found in another room - are they connected? Diane questions her involvement with Danny."
"Diane turns to a friend at the Survivor's Network for help. A body is pulled from the water. Two Chinese men are brought in handcuffed together. The new computers arrive."
"A schoolgirl is found dead. Andy asks Eddie's niece on a date. John babysits Theo for the first time."
"A homeless guy Danny was trying to protect turns up dead. The DOA's father is concerned about the trust fund his sister will now inherit."
"Fancy bawls out Diane and Danny about being in a relationship. A man traveling on the subway is killed. Denby is implicated in the courier scam."
"Danny could be in big trouble for roughing up a suspect. Detective Connie McDowell joins the team for the day."
"Danny is restored to full duty. Off. Szymanski's cousin is knocked down in the street and killed. Capt. Bass's wife is injured during a robbery at her store. Greg plays matchmaker."
"Andy witnesses a hold-up in the street and shoots at the get-away car. Det. Ross is assigned to fill in at the squad again."
"A man looses his penis. Fancy makes Captain and the incoming Lieutenant is a ball-breaker. Andy is having second thoughts about Cynthia. A mob hit-man sings like a canary and implicates a celebrated Customs officer."
"A man caught carrying a cash register takes Andy and Danny to a body. Fancy is packing up to leave. His replacement alienates the squad before he's even left."
"Rodriguez mediates when Sipowicz and Sorenson clash with detectives from another squad anxious to solve a multiple murder case; Medavoy and Jones try their hand at making extra cash by cleaning up murder scenes."
"Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate a case involving an off-duty police officer who was shot in the company of a prostitute; Medavoy and Jones aid a hapless bodega owner by concocting a story to keep him out of jail."
"Jones and Medavoy investigate the murder of a Chinese restaurant owner. An IRS agent claims to have been kidnapped and released, but Sipowicz and Sorenson doubt his story."
"Sipowicz and Sorenson try to get one scared witness to identify a murder suspect, while Russell and McDowell guard another witness who's due to testify in a murder trial."
"Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of an exotic dancer; Sipowicz and Medavoy act as elderly decoys to catch some street thieves attacking old people outside a local bank."
"Sipowicz and Sorenson investigate the murder of a drug dealer, while Sorenson continues to see the stripper, Kristen, who draws him into a favor for the owners of the Tailfeathers club."
"Sorenson is missing, and a stripper is found murdered in his apartment. Medavoy and Jones investigate a killing, but the suspect identified by an eyewitness has a seemingly unshakable alibi."
Season 9 - NYPD Blue
"While investigating the murders of four teenage girls, the 15th squad discovers the shocking truth about the disappearance of detective Danny Sorenson."
"Sipowicz is hailed a hero after killing the man responsible for Sorenson's murder. While Lieutenant Rodriguez teams up with another precinct to investigate the robbery of his mother, the squad investigates the murder of two men affiliated with NYU."
"The squad investigates two homicides: the immolation of a would-be musician and the stabbing of a socialite. The newest detective to the squad, John Clark, Jr., attempts to both learn a new job and fit into the squad despite interference from his father."
"The squad is joined by Eddie Gibson who's been transferred from nightwatch. McDowell and Gibson investigate the murder of a woman with MS, while the other detectives investigate the killing of a Rikers corrections officer."
"When Clark's badge is stolen, the squad scrambles to find the thief before Clark must report the loss, which could ruin his career. McDowell and Gibson investigate a murder involving a young pregnant girl."
"The squad investigates the theft of a baby from a hospital, and the arson of an Arab-owned business."
"The squad investigates the murder of two drug dealers, and the discovery of a body mistakenly listed as a victim of the World Trade Center attack. McDowell arrests the daughter she gave up for adoption."
"Sipowicz and Clark investigate the murder of a hispanic worker, while Medavoy and Jones search for a puppy-knapper who stole valuable champion bulldog pups. McDowell gets a new partner--Rita Ortiz."
"Sipowicz and Clark are assigned to work with John Clark, Sr. on a murder investigation. Two good samaritans run afoul of the law when the burglar they caught dies from a head wound."
"Sipowicz, Clark, Medavoy and Jones investigate a double homicide at a Latino restaurant. McDowell and Ortiz contend with a possibly mentally unstable woman who's posing as a cop."
"The detectives investigate two separate murders of a college student and a Latina woman. Sipowicz goes after Mrs. Hornby's business manager. Haywood finally makes a decision about her pregnancy."
"Sipowicz, Clark, Medavoy and Jones investigate the murder of an unassuming teenager. McDowell and Ortiz search for the person responsible for firing a stray bullet that killed a three-year-old girl."
"The detectives investigate the separate murders of two supposedly upstanding citizens: an ex-convict turned community activist and a doctor who donated time to helping drug addicts and prostitutes."
"The detectives work to solve two murders: the shooting of a rising rap star and the shooting of stripper found nailed to a table. McDowell and Sipowicz try to define their relationship."
"The detectives investigate the bombing of an abortion clinic that killed a guard. The squad gets a new lead on an old murder case. Ortiz's husband, Don, is murdered by his mistress' husband."
"The squad investigates the murder of a young Chinese girl along with an alleged rape case. Irvin learns his father is dying. Clark tries to find a foster home for James Kilik."
"The squad investigates two homicides: a gay man who hit his head after being punched out and another man shot on the street. Rodriguez is set-up by iab to take a bribe from an old friend."
"The day's cases include an armored car robbery that left one guard dead, and the homicide of a woman whose body was found in a garbage truck; Sipowicz intervenes in the iab's case against Rodriguez."
"The detectives investigate two crimes: the murder of a back-alley cosmetic surgeon and a violent rape; Clark finally takes Laughlin on in the boxing ring."
"Sipowicz is taken hostage in an interrogation room by a suspect in the murder of a pot dealer and two of her friends; a suburban mom found with drugs in her purse appears to be covering for her son."
"An unreliable witness and an overzealous detective hinder a murder investigation; a con artist scam leads the squad to a sex-slavery operation; McDowell agrees to join Sipowicz and Theo at a theme park."
"Andy and Connie return from their week's holiday with Theo. A boy goes missing, and the squad is lead to a pedophile in the area. John meets with a lawyer about his father's estate."
Season 10 - NYPD Blue
"The temperature is rising. Andy receives a death threat. A prostitute is murdered, causing IA to look at John. A huge drugs and cash hoard is found. An elderly woman is found tied up and beaten."
"A bomb threat is received at the courthouse. John Clark is placed on restricted duties pending charges for murder of the prostitute. John Irvin buys a new car only to be carjacked on the first drive."
"Andy and John attend a shooting where a man is shot in the groin. Connie's sister turns up, pregnant and beaten by her husband."
"A little girl disappears at the park, after her father leaves her - or so he thinks - in the care of a friend's nanny for a moment. Connie's brother-in-law is arrested."
"A boy on a bicycle is murdered. Connie's sister posts bail for her husband."
"Maya's partner in anti-crime is killed. A little girl is snatched off the street. Connie becomes foster-mother to her niece."
"Connie struggles to settle with the baby. A woman is found dead in a vacant lot. Another is found dead in the laundry room of her building. The Lieutenant dresses up for a lunch."
"When NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer Heather Peterson is murdered, the detectives find a diary of her's that details the sexual habits of the police officers at the 15th precinct. These findings cause the detectives to suspect the officers of the 15th precinct had something to do with her death, and the investigation of the cops cause tension between the officers and the detectives."
"IAB start interviewing the officers who were in the diary, and Sipowicz and Clark are blamed as rats. A social worker appears to have taken her own life. A former cop wants his ashes buried at the precinct."
"Andy and Theo move out. Tony thinks about calling it a day with his ex-wife. Sipowicz and Clark Jr look into the threats made to Clark Sr. A distressed, schizophrenic young man keeps saying \"she can't breathe\"."
"Connie and Rita find young children home alone, living in squalor. Tony's ex-wife is found dead. A carjacker is killed, and cocaine is found in the car."
"Clark is placed under arrest after police find heroin in his car; detectives search for clues when a woman is beaten to death with a cordless drill; a murder victim's obsession with clean living may have led to his demise."
"In hopes of freeing Clark from jail, Sipowicz searches for drug dealers who might have a connection to Laughlin; McDowell and Ortiz investigate a series of rapes in a park involving a perpetrator who forced his victims' boyfriends to watch."
"The detectives investigate the murder of a gay man who gave room and board to Latino parolees in exchange for sex; McDowell and Ortiz search for clues when a community activist is stabbed to death."
"A transvestite prostitute's murder leads the detectives to two prime suspects: a pimp, and a john who claims the pimp and the prostitute set him up in an effort to steal a watch."
"Sipowicz and Clark investigate when Julian Pisano is wounded in a shooting incident; McDowell and Ortiz assist a woman who doggedly pursues justice when she's conned out of $100; Clark grows concerned when his father stops returning his phone calls."
"Jones accidentally shoots a 13-year-old boy while pursuing a murder suspect; McDowell and Ortiz search for answers when a man whom police escorted from the scene of a domestic dispute is found dead."
"The detectives investigate the murder of a gay financier whose death might be tied to a marine; Medavoy and Jones search for answers when a strangler attacks a Russian mail order bride; Haywood feels threatened when a murderer's conviction is overturned."
"As Andy and Connie prepare to finalize the adoption of baby Michelle, Frank Colahan's mom and dad show up. Connie sweetly and sincerely tells them they want the grandparents to be part of Michelle's life to the fullest extent possible."
"The murder of a man who frequented a betting parlor leads Sipowicz to an old friend; Jones searches for the man who attacked Haywood; the detectives research the Colahans' background."
"A meek and mousy young woman is found beaten to death on the floor of her apartment. Her brother- in-law is very upset but not about her death--he was paying her money to use her apartment for an extramarital affair."
"The detectives hunt for a man suspected of killing minorities to avenge injuries his brother suffered during the first Gulf War; Sipowicz and McDowell plan to marry."
Season 11 - NYPD Blue
"The detectives investigate the shooting death of a man whose brother is a registered sex offender; and when Captain Fraker's trial gets underway, Sipowicz worries that his own testimony may have harmed the prosecution's case."
"Sipowicz and Clark investigate the death of a transvestite whom a friend insists was having a relationship with a married man; a surgeon's hand is badly cut during a robbery; and Rodriguez testifies in the Fraker trial."
"The detectives search for clues when a group of perpetrators torture a man for no apparent reason; a woman reports her husband as missing, but Sipowicz and Clark suspect she's not being completely forthcoming; and Fraker testifies in court."
"The detectives investigate the strangulation death of a former porn star; a thirteen-year-old boy holds the key in implicating his father in his mother's murder; and the jury reaches a verdict in the Captain Fraker trial."
"The detectives investigate a strangulation murder that may be tied to one of Diane Russell's cases; Russell consults a doctor when she discovers a lump in her breast; Medavoy and Jones investigate an arson linked to two boys."
"Sipowicz, Russell, and Clark attempt to connect the murder of a young woman to two other killings; Medavoy and Jones investigate the shooting death of a mother whose children feared her."
"A woman survives the serial killer's attack, and her account prompts the detectives to focus on Carlin, his partner, and a bodyguard; Medavoy and Jones investigate when an off-duty officer kills a man; and McDowell comforts Russell during a biopsy."
"When another woman is murdered by the serial killer, the detectives arrest a suspect... and discover the killer's identity; and expecting a baby, Sipowicz and McDowell decide to get married."
"Sipowicz and Clark search for two burglars who terrorized a retired cop and his wife; Medavoy and Jones assist an author who wrote a book on how to avoid paying income taxes; and Jones deals with Michael's father."
"A man armed with a bomb walks into the station house and handcuffs himself to McDowell; unless the detectives release a Russian mobster from jail in one hour, the bomb will detonate."
"When a Jewish jewelry-store owner is murdered, the detectives focus their investigation on two suspects: a Caucasian man who converted to Islam, and a rap star whose expensive jewelry turned out to be fake."
"Sipowicz and Clark search for an African-American driver who fled the scene of a hit-and-run accident after unwittingly running over an Italian mobster's young daughter."
"Sipowicz and Clark investigate the shooting death of a jogger who'd been having an affair with a police officer; and Medavoy and Jones search for answers when the body of a comedy club owner is found in the trunk of a stolen car."
"A new detective, Stan Hatcher, joins the squad; the detectives investigate a shooting death that Hatcher believes is linked to a dispute between gang members; and a man insists that his young daughter has been kidnapped."
"A kidnapping victim's startling statement clues Andy and John in on a serial sadist keeping women locked in a dungeon somewhere in New York. Meanwhile, a routine robbery investigation takes a saucy turn for Medavoy after he makes an unlikely connection with the 60-year-old victim."
"Sipowicz searches for the truth when Hatcher is shot by a man who mistook him for a burglar; and a former pharmacist dies in a flophouse when someone fires a bullet into his room."
"Andy's off-duty and slightly underhanded work to prove that Hatcher killed his own wife lands him a transfer out of the 15th precinct and into the Bellevue Morgue engineered by Detective Hatcher. Meanwhile, the squad is up to their whips and chains after a dominatrix is found murdered."
"Haywood reopens an 18-year-old case that has Andy reliving a major mistake in his career. Meanwhile, Sipowicz and Clark investigate the death of a man whose brother was pursued by a bounty hunter. Elsewhere, Ortiz gets a new partner, Detective Kelly Ronson, who ends up lending an unusual hand during the hunt for the child an ex-con had to give up before going to prison."
"A man's gunshot-induced amnesia causes Jones and Medavoy to concoct an unconventional way to nail his assailant. Meanwhile, a man Sipowicz put away twenty years ago for raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl goes free after DNA testing exonerates him, and Ortiz and Ronson bust a gruesome underground network pre-teen prostitution ring."
"Andy and John approach Mrs Clifton for help with her daughter's murder. Jennifer turns up out of the blue, apparently off her meds. A man is shot, apparently over a church and a video tape."
"A face from Clark's past makes an unwelcome return, while the key suspect in Andy's 18-year-old murder case turns up, face down. Jones helps Michael prepare to take the stand against his own father for killing his mom, and a man fears that his wife is going to lose her head after he loses her pricey necklace."
"Sipowicz investigates a murder involving the victim's current husband and ex-husband. A longtime informant gives Ronson information about an illegal gun shipment, but the suspect's father is being followed by the FBI. Jones gets into a fight with Craig after he's acquitted of murder charges, and Sipowicz is the proud father of a baby boy."
Season 12 - NYPD Blue
"There's a new boss who comes from IAD with a mandate to clean up the squad. Andy receives a dead rat in the mail. John is heading off the rails. A doctor is found dead, and linked to a man who had a sex change."
"The detectives tie the death of a pregnant woman to an adoption scam; Medavoy and Jones interview a woman who claims a masked assailant stole her valuable ring; and someone poisons Sipowicz's beloved fish."
"When a convicted rapist is found shot to death, his victims become suspects in the murder investigation; and Sipowicz searches for answers when a stranger targets Theo as he walks home from school."
"The detectives investigate the death of a phone-sex operator and the kidnapping of a wealthy man's son; and Clark's tryst with a murder suspect is used to derail the prosecutor's case."
"After being shot outside a bar, Sipowicz discovers the identity of the person who's been harassing him."
"While investigating a random stabbing, Sipowicz becomes obsessed with his own mortality after he's nearly gunned down by a murder suspect; Medavoy takes a job as a bouncer."
"The detectives protect a scared witness testifying in a felony murder trial; Michael's father wants to regain custody; Bale finds out about Medavoy's job at the bar."
"A gunman tries to kill a witness after a mistrial is declared in the Simon Kerensky arson case; and Jones goes to extremes to stop Craig from adopting Michael."
"Jones becomes a murder suspect after Michael's father is shot to death; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate a molestation case that might involve a priest; Medavoy gets his hearing in trial court."
"A man who cared for his brain-damaged brother is found dead; Medavoy falls for a wealthy woman while investigating an apartment rental scam; Bale tries to nail a man who offered the detectives a bribe."
"While investigating a murder, Sipowicz discovers a secret about Bale; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate a shooting tied to a talented up-and-coming basketball player."
"A call-girl's death is linked to other murders involving women who'd gone through rehab; Ortiz and Murphy investigate the death of an artist who'd been carrying on an affair with a wealthy man married to two other women."
"The detectives continue their search for a serial killer who targets alcoholics trying to get sober; and Clark and Jones investigate a homicide linked to a woman with whom Clark had a one-night stand."
"Sipowicz and Clark investigate the stabbing death of a coffee-shop owner who was attracted to young girls; Ortiz tries to keep her cousin out of trouble; and Medavoy and Jones link a murder to a paralyzed police officer and his family."
"The detectives search for a suspect who killed a businessman by blowing up his car; and Ortiz and Murphy investigate the beating death of a student."
"The detectives investigate the smothering death of an elderly man married to a voluptuous woman in her 20s; and a state judge pressures Medavoy and Jones to find out who poisoned her mother."
"As Sipowicz settles into his role as sergeant, the 15th finds his absence unsettling, especially after Clark is teamed with a hair-triggered military officer on the murder of an Army man. Meanwhile, Jones and Medavoy's search for a missing homeless man leads one of them to a bold move."
"A squad member is shot while storming an apartment; Clark and Jones investigate the bludgeoning death of a woman whose wealthy husband was going to finance a friend's salon business."
"Bale offers to recommend Sipowicz for the squad commander position; Ortiz and Murphy investigate the death of an Arab woman; and detectives search for the man who shot Bale."
"As he begins his new job as squad commander, Sipowicz disobeys orders and keeps a murder investigation open... even though a Japanese man with diplomatic immunity has confessed to the crime."