Robot Wars

Knockout competition between deadly robots designed and controlled by contestants. There's chainsaws, spikes, and lots of flying metal.

Actor: Craig Charles , Jayne Middlemiss

Country: UK

Duration: 45 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1998

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Robot Wars
"GAUNTLET: 6th: Barry (Out)\n\nTRIAL: Sumo 5th: Grunt - (Out)\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Killertron Vs. Shogun - Killertron goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Roadblock Vs. Nemesis - Roadblock goes through\n\nFINAL: Roadblock Vs. Nemesis"
"GAUNTLET: 6th: Uglybot (Out)\n\nTRIAL: British Bulldog 5th: Detonator - (Out)\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Leighbot Vs. Mortis - Mortis goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Recyclops Vs. Scrapper - Recyclops goes through\n\nFINAL: Recyclops Vs. Mortis"
"Robot the Bruce won this heat."
"Cunning Plan won this heat."
"Bodyhammer won this heat."
"TRACIE won this heat."
"Roadblock won the grand final."
Season 2 - Robot Wars
"GAUNTLET: 1st: Demolition Demon - Completed 2nd: Victor - Completed 3rd: Panda Monium - Completed 4th: Napalm - 7.5m 5th: Piece de resistance - 3.8m 6th: Caliban - 0.2m (Out)\n\nTRIAL: Skittles 1st: Demolition Demon - 20 2nd: Napalm - 9 2nd: Panda Monium - 9 4th: Victor - 4 5th: Piece de resistance - 0 (Out)\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Napalm Vs. Panda Monium - Napalm goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Victor Vs. Demolition Demon - Demolition Demon goes through\n\nFINAL: Napalm Vs. Demolition Demon"
"GAUNTLET\n\n1st: Tantrum - Completed 2nd: Chaos - Completed 3rd: Mace - Completed 4th: Wheelosaurus - 11.7m 5th: Leighviathon - 5.1m 6th: Death Trak - 4.8m (Out)\n\nTRIAL:Tug Of War\n\n1st: Chaos - Won 2nd: Mace - Survived 2nd: Leighviathon - Survived 4th: Wheelosaurus - 18.11S 5th: Tantrum - 16.1S (Out)\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Mace Vs Leighviathon - Mace goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Chaos Vs Wheelosaurus - Chaos goes through\n\nFINAL: Mace Vs Chaos"
"GAUNTLET\n\n1st: Dreadnaut - Completed 2nd: Mortis - Completed 3rd: Ramses 2 - 10.7m 4th: Oblivion - 5.8m 5th: Challenger - 5.3m 6th: Griffon - 3.7m (Out)\n\nTRIAL:Joust\n\n1st: Mortis - 6.1m 2nd: Oblivion - 5.6m 3rd: Dreadnaut - 5.4m 4th: Ramses 2 - 5m 5th: Challenger - minus 0.1m\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Dreadnaut Vs Oblivion - Oblivion goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Ramses 2 Vs Mortis - Mortis goes through\n\nFINAL: Mortis Vs Oblivion"
"GAUNTLET\n\n1st: Razor - Completed 2nd: Behemoth - Completed 3rd: Inquisitor - Completed 4th: Milli Ann Bug - 8.4m 5th: Elvis - 3.7m 6th: Bodyhammer - 3m (Out)\n\nTRIAL:Football\n\n1st: Razor 2nd: Behemoth 3rd: Inquisitor 4th: Elvis 5th: Milli Ann Bug (Out)\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Razor Vs Inquisitor - Inquisitor goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Elvis Vs Behemoth - Behemoth goes through\n\nFINAL: Inquisitor Vs Behemoth"
"GAUNTLET\n\n1st: ORAC - Completed 2nd: Technophobic - 11.3 3rd: Killertron - 10.3m 4th: Shumey - 7.3m 5th: Spin Doctor - 3.8m 6th: Pain - Retired (Out)\n\nTRIAL: King of the Castle\n\n1st: Spin Doctor - Survived 2nd: Killertron - Survived 3rd: Technophobic - 35.95secs 4th: ORAC - 28.95secs 5th: Shumey - 9.4secs (Out)\n\nSEMI-FINAL 1: Killertron Vs ORAC - Killertron goes through\n\nSEMI-FINAL 2: Technophobic Vs Spin Doctor - Technophobic goes through\n\nFINAL: Killertron Vs Technophobic"
Season 3 - Robot Wars
"Mace II Vs Stinger Mace II Wins\n\nSuicidal Tendencies Vs Forklift's Revenge Suicidal Tendencies Wins\n\nWeeliwako Vs Brimhur Weeliwako Wins\n\nRazier Blade Vs Red Dragon Razier Blade Wins\n\nHEAT SEMI FINALS\n\nSuicidal Tendencies Vs Razier Blade Suicidal Tendencies Wins\n\nWeeliwako Vs Mace II Mace II Wins\n\nHEAT FINAL: Suicidal Tendencies Vs Mace II Mace II Wins"
"The #6 seeds, Behemoth are back with a brand new robot! How well will they do?\n\nRobot Stitistics\n\nAbaddon Team Members: Simon Grosvenor, Peter Grosvenor, Wellington Grosvenor Weight: 81.4 Kg Dimensions: 45 x 243 x 106 cm Ground Clearance: 3 cm Power: 2 Wheelchair motors Weapons: 2 Rotavator blades, a spiky tail Other: It has an enormous rolling tail\n\nBehemoth Team Members: Anthony Pritchard, Kane Aston, Michael Pritchard Weight: 82 Kg Dimensions: 132 x 105 x 63 cm Ground Clearance: 2 cm Power: 2 Electric motors Weapons: Lifting scoop, 2 rear axes\n\nGeneral Carnage Team Members: Nigel Sealey, Sarah Burton Weight: 79.6 Kg Dimensions: 56 x 92 x 70 cm Ground Clearance: 5 cm Power: 2 Electric motors Weapons: Lifting arm with claw cutter\n\nPitbull Team Members: Phil Botting, Ivar Bundulis\n\nWeight: 79.6 Kg Dimensions: 48 x 107 x 66 cm Ground Clearance: 2 cm Power: 2 Electric motors Weapons: Clamping jaws\n\nRobocow Team Members:"
"Robot Stitistics\n\nAggrobot Team Members: Peter Leach, Jon Leach, Bob Leach Weight: 79.4 Kg Dimensions: 86 x 168 x 90 cm Ground Clearance: 4 cm Power: Twin motors Weapons: Spring fired spike\n\nBackstabber Team Members: Howard Banford, Luke Perkin, Sanjay Patel Weight: 75.8 Kg Dimensions: 100 x 83 x 82 cm Ground Clearance: 6 cm Power: 2 electric motors Weapons: Ramming spike + stabbing arm Other: A school team\n\nBinky Team Members: Philip Marks, Philip Saville, William Padmore Weight: 78 Kg Dimensions: 58 x 174 x 89 cm Ground Clearance: Adjustable Power: Scooter engine Weapons: Nose axe + battle sled Other: 'Daisy' was originally in heat, but broke down. Binky replaced it.\n\nBlade\n\nTeam Members: Josh Ainslie, Ben Reid, Geoff Reid Weight: 75.5 Kg Dimensions: 31 x 94 x 63 cm Ground Clearance: 3 - 7 cm Power: 3 motors Weapons: Rotary lawnmower blade\n\nMax Damage Team Members Darren Cunningham, Daniel Cunningham, Charlo"
"Round 1, Fight 1: Sir Chromalot Vs Shell Shock - Sir Chromalot goes through\n\nRound 1, Fight 2: Grim Reaper Vs Big Brother - Big Brother goes through\n\nRound 1, Fight 3: Bumblebot Vs Milly Ann Bug- Bumblebot goes through\n\nRound 1, Fight 4: Ultor Vs Flipper - Ultor goes through\n\nRound 2, Fight 1: Sir Chromalot Vs Big Brother - Big Brother goes through\n\nRound 2, Fight 2: Bumblebot Vs Ultor - Ultor goes through\n\nFinal: Big Brother Vs Ultor- Ultor wins the match\n\nHowever, the Ultor team decide that the judges where wrong and Big Brother won the match. Although the real reason was because of the young Big Brother team member Joe Watts.\n\nShow Winner: Big Brother"
"Anorakaphobia Vs Miss Ile Anorakaphobia Wins\n\nCrocodilatron Vs Chaos 2 Chaos 2 Wins\n\nThe Big Cheese Vs Shrapnel The Big Cheese Wins\n\nSonic Vs Hammerton Sonic Wins\n\nHEAT SEMI FINALS\n\nThe Big Cheese Vs Anorakaphobia The Big Cheese Wins\n\nSonic Vs Chaos 2 Chaos 2 Wins\n\nHEAT FINAL: Chaos 2 Vs The Big Cheese Chaos 2 Wins"
Season 8 - Robot Wars
"No description"
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Season 10 - Robot Wars
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