Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell

No-holds-barred news satire show presented by comedian Shaun Micallef that gleefully riffs on Aussie politics.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

IMDb: 8.2

Season 1 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"Shaun Micallef presents a round-up, branding, inoculation and crutching of all the important news stories of the week in a brand new show that's guaranteed to blow the lid off an entirely different kettle of fish."
"Shaun gets more than he bargained for when a car he was buying turns out to be an ocean liner. Meanwhile, Roz and Francis are up to their old necks too when a horse they were impersonating has to be put down."
"Part 1. A cursed Tiki causes havoc for Shaun and his family while on a holiday in Hawaii."
"Part 2. Tosh recovers consciousness after a wipeout on his surfboard and Veronica and Emily learn the meaning of serendipity when they look it up in the dictionary."
"Join Shaun and his friends in this word-based quiz show that's guaranteed to last half an hour."
"When Shaun is discovered murdered on the set, Phryne is called in to solve the case. SPOILER: The food in the ABC cafeteria is to blame."
"The Masterchef judges are in for a surprise when the contestants go insane and burn down the kitchen. Gary and Matt think it's a little overdone but George says it's the best thing he's ever eaten."
"Kate and Quentin decide to spice up their marriage with some fantasy role playing but there are red faces all around when they turn up at their rendezvous both dressed as Michelle Grattan."
"Adam Hills chats to Mannie the Clown, cricketing legend Andy Caddick and international superstar Ben Vereen."
"It's down to the final two. Who will win? The final all-singing, all-dancing bake-off will see Bazza and Martine facing their final challenge to become Australia's first KareokeCook."
Season 2 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"In a special investigative report Shaun goes undercover as a member of outlaw motorcycle gang The Bandidos. But his cover is blown when he uses the word \"allegorical\"."
"When Shaun's racist neighbour Mr. Grealy invites him over to eat some Japanese, Shaun doesn't know how to take it."
"When Francis asks Shaun if he can change a word in one of the scripts, Shaun kills him."
"A convention for people named 'Peter' goes horribly wrong when Shaun is mistakenly invited. And hydrochloric acid starts streaming from the sprinkler system."
"Mongoose. Winter is closing in. It's not safe. Go into hibernation. Further instructions to follow. Cobra."
"Yo! Join Kook and the Bambino tomorrow morning at 7am on 103.6 Smash FM for your chance to win $10 playing Puzzling Noise."
"Voula, if you are watching this, I am so sorry babe. Please do not let the trust we have built up over the last two weeks go to waste just because I screwed another chick. Call me? Stav."
"Winning number in Tatts' Everybody Wins Lotto Draw No. 001: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40."
"There's a vampire loose in Las Vegas. No one believes or wants to believe it's true. The police can't stop him, people are dying, no one is safe. How do you kill what's already dead?"
"The government is keen to hush up a series of mysterious deaths at the Merrymount Institute, an underground archival facility. Mad as Hell determines that the victims were ripped apart by a crocodile or other large lizard."
"The strange disappearance of an antique motorcycle is the first sign of trouble. A rash of murders follow where each victim is decapitated with superhuman force by what witnesses describe as a headless motorcyclist."
"A series of deaths seem to have nothing in common. Probing the murders uncovers a link: each victim was related to a hot-tempered Cajun. However the Cajun has an iron-clad alibi: he's been in a coma for weeks!"
Season 3 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"New government. Same show. Remaining true to its mission of skewering newsmakers and events, this week border security, Sochi and the odd royal commission are all given the trademark 'Mad As Hell' treatment."
"Tonight, Mad As Hell's mill boasts an abundance of grist, as Australia's manufacturing decline, unneighbourly conduct, union transparency and Schapelle Corby get a federally mandated unbiased going over."
"Shaun Micallef and cast return to lambast the bombast, satirise the lies and shake the fakers and newsmakers. Shrimpgate, Medicare, the WA Senate Election and the Manus Island mutiny receive the Mad As Hell scrutiny."
"Mad as Hell can't handle the truth but Shaun Micallef and cast do get hopping mad with the flying kangaroo, go insane in the Ukraine and say arrivederci to George Pell while welcoming a new school curriculum."
"Like Ukrainian protestors at the hands of a Russian mob, news events get a thorough going over. The perfidy, priggishness and policy to be pilloried include the ABC, Qantas debt guarantee and welcome speeches in WA."
"Inexpert analysis of Sth Australian polls, Clive Palmer's tilt at the Apple Isle, the falling of a bum tree and the shenanigans in Libya all get a guernsey (or, for those in NRL states, jersey) from Shaun Micallef and cast."
"Larry is up to no good having an affair with Moe's wife, and looking to have another one with Joe's fiancee. Moe catches on and plans revenge, except Larry frames Joe for being the new man in Millie's life."
"From the whale depleted oceans to the cosmonaut filled void of outer space, no corner of solar system remains beyond the reach of the satirical eye of 'Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell'."
"Voula, I reckon I'm dead or something. Do you think it's from that pact we made because our love is too much for this world? Where are you? Shouldn't you be here in the White Void too? Stav."
"Mad As Hell goes out with a smile and a song. Accentuating the positive, mention of the pension and a big hug for all those we beat about the face and head this series - plus a bottle of wine to our mystery contest winner!"
Season 4 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"Like a poorly thrown satirical boomerang, Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell returns to hit news squarely on the back of its head. Join Shaun as he lumps together the war, the budget and more besides."
"Mad As Hell stares in slack-jawed awe as Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop stride the UN stage like twin colossi; Clooney and Cambodia get a mention, but we don't mention the war (if indeed it is a war)."
"This week Mad as Hell gets the green light to be bemused by the burqa imbroglio, go ballistic over the budget and blast your ABC's blatant profligacy. All this could take weeks, months, or 29 minutes."
"The gloves are off - and then quickly back on again - as we handle all things Ebola. There's also the matter of Katter, plenty of G20, rubbery employment figures and war - how would you like to pay for that sir?"
"Mad as Hell shirtfronts sexist girlie men, racist professors, xenophobic singlets and plenty more besides. Blistering satire that's ready to be popped with a needle-sharp lampoon? You bet I are, you bet we am."
"A half-fortnightly reaping, threshing and winnowing of current affairs asphodel by the combine harvester that is Shaun Micallef."
"Dave, it's me. Sorry I didn't get back to you, been flat out writing this EPG. I guess you want to know about the rocket? Well, good news - Derek Jacobi's on board! Call me."
"Hey guys! Tired of having sand kicked in your face? Then why not stop burying yourself up to your neck in the middle of beach volleyball courts, you idiots."
"Roderick prised open the coffin - and gasped. On the underside of the lid were dozens of ragged scratches! He stepped back, horrified. Could it be? Had he really buried his beloved wife... in a second hand coffin?"
Season 5 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"Auckland, 1978. A young man with the wind in his hair, also nits, dreams of a better life by winning a dusco duncing competution."
"Los Angeles, 2057. The future. A cyber-gigolo accused of post-meditated mind-murder travels back in time to 1958 to try and prevent the invention of the hula hoop."
"Oklahoma, 1936. Tom, Ma, Pa, Uncle John and their crippled scientist friend Davros enjoy a hearty meal of dust. \"Anyone for seconds?\" laughs Tom."
"Singapore, 1942, just before the fall of the tiny island state (when it was feeling a bit dizzy). A manticore, a chimera and a basilisk walk into a bar and have a quiet drink - nothing to see here."
"Tibet, 1957. The Dalai Lama invites you to go rollerblading. If you accept his invitation, turn to Page 34. If you choose to denounce him as a capitalist roader, turn to Page 132."
"A janitor accidentally trapped overnight at New York's Grand Central Station is amazed when the men's public toilets magically come to life (also the urinal cakes, hand dryers, toilet rolls etc.)"
"Kyoto, 1999. One the eve of National Udon Day, a love octagon develops between a flatulent geisha, a sumo wrestler, a yakuza flautist, a deaf samurai, a pedantic ninja and three other Japanese stereotypes."
"You might think you know all about sugar, but how much do you really know about sugar? Tonight, everything you need to know about sugar - and some things you perhaps didn't need to know! About sugar."
"Drawing on old Super 8 footage, videotape, still photos, eyewitness accounts and police records, a former marine is able to piece together the final moments before his colonoscopy."
"Terry's not like you or me. You see, Terry hears voices in his head. Angry voices. Voices that tell him to kill. (Twist: Terry works in telemarketing and the voices are customers in his headphones.)"
Season 6 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"To raise money for charity, the San Antonio Spurs basketball team is miniaturised, injected into Iggy Pop's head and given just 60 minutes to find five living brain cells which it can challenge to a game of 'hoops'."
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Season 7 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"Seven veteran gunslingers agree to defend a poor Mexican village against an outbreak of Japanese encephalitis."
"An acrobat, a diplomat and a bureaucrat enter a laundromat and engage in some chit-chat about a thermostat. Stars Chow Yun-fat."
"In a futuristic society, all sarcasm has been eliminated except for the occasional use of the phrase \"oh, do you think so?\" by Nether-Zone outcasts."
"A priest and a tame bear travel back in time to Dallas, Texas on November 23, 1963 to try and prevent an episode of 'The Patty Duke Show' going to air."
"Biopic of Entente Cordiale, the blind French plumber who, in 1886, won the contract to install the male toilets in the Statue of Liberty's head."
"A freelance ant exposed to deadly Q*bert radiation in a science explosion discovers it has the ability to shrink its body to the size of a smaller ant."
"Eleven jurors agree that a young Hispanic boy is guilty of murder. Only Juror #8 is doubtful, secretly suspecting that he himself is the real murderer."
"A man and a woman, both in a shopping centre and a kind of a metaphor meet briefly on some escalators - his going up and hers going down."
"A man and a woman, both in a shopping centre and a kind of a metaphor meet briefly on some escalators - his going up and hers going down."
"The Sultan of Marzipan commands Sinbad the sailor to undertake a dangerous quest to the forbidden pizzeria of N'Gru for a family size Hawaiian (no ham or pineapple)."
"Adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Titus Andronicus' in which a man unwittingly eats an apple pie containing apples which, only hours earlier, he had been juggling with."
Season 8 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"A shot for shot remake of 'Hans Heiratete Einen Hummer'. This satire on Weimar steel manufacturing takes on new meaning with the director's decision to have the actors wink at the end of each line."
"Franz Kafka and H.P Lovecraft team up to solve a small-town murder. Kafka is convinced the culprit is the banal inhumanity that lives in the heart of all relationships, but Lovecraft believes it's a giant octopus."
"A film maker explores the origins of the influential but little studied music group The Beatles. In a remarkable ending, it emerges one of them, Paul, is still playing music to packed arenas all over the world."
"A single unbroken shot of an orange rolling down the world's highest flight of steps at Mt. Niesen in Switzerland, set to the song 'Macho Man' by the Village People."
"On the show tonight are our stories on the silencing of Abbott, Bernardi's tsking, Clive Palmer's big comeback announcement, the Queen's not coming back for the Commonwealth Games, and Barnaby, Barnaby, Barnaby."
"When the evil wizard Cain O'Beans chases the tiny Frankfurt people out of their village, they tumble from their magical world into the city of Canberra. Featuring Russell Crowe as the voice of the Volcano."
"An unhappily married ironmonger suspects his deceased postman has returned from the dead. However, after a quick phone call to the PMG, he learns he is mistaken."
"A documentary on 90-year-old Dagwood dog virtuoso Wayne Blacka (Francis Greenslade) and his relationship with his son and eventual heir, Bartholomew (also Francis Greenslade, but in a different wig)."
"A decaf soy latte with magical powers costs only fifty cents more than a regular one. Directed by James Cameron."
"When a man wakes up in the morning it starts a chain of events that leads to him going back to sleep at the end of the day. Stars Shane Crawford."
Season 9 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"Tony suffers amnesia from a vase falling on his head, and, seeing Jeannie, instantly falls in love with her. He declares his love and insists they get married."
"When Dr Bellows spots Tony floating in his chair in his living room, he has no choice but to explain it by saying he is an amateur magician and that was one of his tricks."
"Jeannie recognises a visiting princess as a member of a family that she has a centuries-old feud with."
"While on a trip to the museum, Jeannie spots a pair of antique slippers that she believes belonged to her over 2000 years past."
"For NASA charity auction, Tony paints a copy of Rembrandt's famous 1658 self portrait. Jeannie sees her master's work and decides he's quite a painter."
"Tony is skeptical about a fortune teller Roger has been seeing in the apartment next to his and goes to investigate. Turns out she is actually quite good."
"When Dr Bellows makes a stop at Tony's house, he sees an elephant in Tony's bedroom. He then calls General Peterson and when they both go over there they see nothing and of course Bellows is made a fool yet again."
"Tony goes to drop off a few papers to General Peterson when he gives a try at a few swings of golf. General Peterson orders that Tony be put to death by firing squad."
"Following Tony and Roger's promotion to major, the general sends them to Reno, Nevada to relax a few days before going to a base there but they get lost and end up in Fresno."
"Tony, frustrated over Jeannie's constant use of magic to help around the house, makes her swear not to help him out anymore under any circumstances. Jeannie agrees, but when Red Chinese spies kidnap Tony, problems arise."
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Season 10 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
"Believing he's made Wilma disappear by magic, Fred is arrested and tried for witchcraft. Under torture, he confesses but Barney turns up moments before the burning and points out that Christianity doesn't yet exist."
"Fred and Barney build a joint swimming pool, leading to fights before Fred's surprise birthday party. This saddens Fred and he is prescribed anti-depressants by Dr Melfi. Barney gets revenge by filling the pool with jelly."
"An 'associate' of Fred's gets Barney a job in 'waste management'. Barney's first assignment is to kill Fred, instead Barney pays off Fred's debt to Heche with his pay cheque and Fred moves to Miami under a different name."
"After being hit on the head with a bottle of car polish, Fred contracts amnesia and becomes an Englishman named 'Frederick'. Meanwhile, Wilma develops feeling for Furio."
"A Hollyrock film company comes to town to film 'Cleaver', and gullible Fred is enlisted as stand-in for star Billy Baldwin. When Fred sees the final cut he is annoyed at how he has been portrayed and he confronts Christopher."
"Fred and Barney have to babysit and miss out seeing a wrestling match. After a blackout at the arena, they take the kids to Joe Pantoliano's house to watch the fight on TV. Joe tells them he's an actor, not a character."
"Barney buys Betty an expensive ring, which he gives to Fred for safe-keeping but Wilma discovers it and assumes it's for her. Fred buys a second ring but doesn't have the cash, so he borrows from a loan shark in Philly."
"Wilma and Betty win a trip to Hollyrock. Finding themselves lonely and bored, Fred and Barney take vacations from work and follow them out. When Wilma is 'discovered', Fred arranges for the head of the studio to be 'whacked'."
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Season 11 - Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell
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