Survivor New Zealand

It features a group of contestants who are marooned in an isolated location, where they must provide food, water, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges for...

Genre: Reality

Actor: Matt Chisholm

Country: New Zealand

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Survivor New Zealand
"16 Kiwi castaways battle it out for the ultimate title."
"Remorse runs rampant as one tribe second guesses a snap decision."
"Following a shocking blindside, one Survivor delivers a vengeful message to their ex-tribemates. Then, when a test of physical stamina proves too much for one team, alliances begin to crumble."
"As the weather begins to sour, a challenge puts each Survivor's mental and physical endurance to the test."
"Hunger strikes hard and desperate times call for desperate measures. Then, the sweet taste of victory is soured when a treasured tribe member begins to struggle."
"A shock move shakes the game to its core. Will alliances endure when Survivor takes a turn for the unexpected?"
"A new addition to Hermosa presents a range of possibilities, but can trust once shattered be rebuilt? Then, a challenge with a twist!"
"The scrambling begins as those on the bottom seek to work their way up. Then, in a team building challenge of epic proportions, a surprising victory invokes suspicion."
"The game plan crumbles for one alliance after a devastating loss on Redemption Island. Then, one false promise sees the balance of power tip."
"Tonight sees a tribe split into two alliances in a familiar 'young and old' divide. Later, a high pressure balancing act and a shocking twist that no one saw coming."
"A shocking twist at Tribal Council sees two Survivors sent to Redemption Island. Later, a tell-tale Reward Challenge leaves a strong alliance in tatters."
"A challenge that tests the Survivors physical and mental abilities leads to the biggest blindside in the game so far."
"The biggest blindside in the game so far sees emotions running high at camp. Then, when faced with those they betrayed, one Survivor is held accountable."
"One player's double-dealing finally catches up with them, and the scrambling to find a foothold begins again. Later, a power shift sees an unlikely Survivor rising to the top."
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Season 2 - Survivor New Zealand
"The world's toughest game returns. A fresh batch of Kiwi castaways spending 40 days on an unforgiving island in Thailand, only one will take home the title of Sole Survivor and $250,000."
"Tonight, Chani suffers the consequences of losing one of their strongest players. And the first hidden immunity idol comes into play, forcing one survivor to make a decision she'll come to regret."
"Tonight, the unbeatable Khangkhaw begin to turn on their own while desperation for a hidden immunity idol infects Chani. With 16 castaways remaining, who will survive another day?"
"Tonight, Chani put their hearts on the line in hopes to break their losing streak. Later, alliances find themselves on shaky ground and a traitor is exposed at tribal council."
"Tonight, a fall-out at tribal council has left one castaway isolated and alone. But just when things seemed to take a turn for the worst, Matt Chisholm throws a curveball at the two tribes."
"A reward challenge has everyone desperate for the win. Later, with hopes to eliminate strong players, could a blindside be on the cards at tribal council?"
"Tonight on Survivor New Zealand, a physical chllenge is put to a dramatic halt. Later, Matt Chisholm turns up to camp with some unexpected news for one tribe."
"Tonight, the teams must merge and the new tribe has people fighting for safety. Will it be an easy vote out for the next team member or will previous tribe members form a new alliance?"
"Tonight, Phsan tribe members are fighting for survival and strategically planning who to vote out and who to align with. Will those on the chopping board be able to fight to stay the game?"
"Tonight on Survivor NZ, names keep getting thrown around as to who is next on the chopping board and today's reward challenge is arguably the best reward we have seen yet."
"Tonight on Survivor NZ, trust is an issue within the tribe and everyone is out to win immunity."
"We host our first ever Survivor NZ auction which takes place instead of the rewards challenge and spices things up. With less people in the game can alliances still be trusted?"
"Tonight, the tribe is down to five and Adam and Tess know that Lisa, Tess and Dave have a strong alliance. Will they be able to break that alliance down, or one of them be going home?"
"Tonight on Survivor NZ, there are only four left in the game and everyone is one step closer to being in the final three. The fight for individual immunity is on."
"Grand Final: The final three plead their case to the jury and later, in a special live finale hosted by Matt Chisholm, the survivor castaways tell all, and the final votes are read."