The Ex-PM

Ellen, a ghostwriter working for the ex-prime minister of Australia Andrew Dugdale, tries to immerse herself in the lives of the ex-pm, his family and associates in a vain attempt at writing his biography for him.

Genre: Comedy

Actor: Nicki Wendt , Kate Jenkinson , Ming-Zhu Hii

Director: Shaun Micallef

Country: Australia

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.5

Season 1 - The Ex-PM
"An Ex-Prime Minister must repay a million dollar advance for an autobiography he hasn't written - or get someone to write it for him ASAP."
"Ex-PM Dugdale visits his old school for Grandparent's Day but his triumphant return is spoiled by Myles."
"The Ex-PM has his sights set on a job as a U.N. Middle East Peace Negotiator but first he and Catherine must host a dinner party without killing each other."
"The Ex-PM encounters an old enemy and decides to make amends before it's too late."
"A telemovie is to be made of the ex-PM's life but will Lachy Hulme agree to play the lead? "
"When Andrew's manager is kidnapped by the Russian mafia and his family held hostage, it's up to Myles to save the day. "
Season 2 - The Ex-PM
"Australia's third longest serving Prime Minister, Andrew Dugdale answers his party's call to re-enter politics by running in a marginal rural seat. A mysterious benefactor donates one million dollars to his campaign."
"Henry decides on a Small Target Strategy for Dugdale's appearances. In a radio interview Dugdale reveals not only his penchant for Italian Ex-PMs - but an association with a billionaire energy magnate."
"Dugdale's poll results are dropping fast against his main rival so the team rally to make him more relatable through a TV interview, a Family Feud appearance and a fundraiser."
"After paying a visit to eccentric, art loving, billionaire benefactor Fabian Silver, most of the team end up in prison."
"A cardinal, a miracle cookie, and riot at a deaf school leave the team battered and questioning their beliefs before next week's big debate."
"It's the big debate! Will Dugdale finally step up and say what he thinks? Or will he serve up the same crap the electorate is accustomed to?"