The Last Alaskans

An eight-part special event that documents the lives of some of the most isolated people in America - the last of their kind - as they struggle and thrive in Alaska's untouched wilderness ...

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Heimo and Edna Korth

Country: USA

Duration: 41 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - The Last Alaskans
"It's Fall In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and that means animals are on the move. Heimo pursues the tail end of the caribou migration, a bear ransacks Bob's cabin, destroying 2 years of dry meat, and the Lewis family arrives to sign of moose."
"Winter is coming, so Heimo pursues a moose that will feed Edna and him for months. Meanwhile, Bob packs up his hunting gear, but runs into trouble when his boat's engine malfunctions; and Tyler and Ashley find their cabin flooded by a rising river, and later, after a week of salmon fishing, their catch is raided by a bear."
"A hunt for a bull moose, which can feed a family for the winter, is critical before temperatures drop to 50 degrees below zero and can make being outdoors even more dangerous."
"Heimo begins trapping, but must find a way across a newly frozen river; Bob deals with the fallout of his plane crash; Ray and his daughters try to increase their food supply."
"Bob visits his daughter, and assesses the damage of his crashed plane; Tyler and Ashley travel 15 miles to a lake cabin to run their dog team and look for food."
"The first day of darkness arrives, but Heimo's in jeopardy of being caught miles from home. Meanwhile, the Lewis daughters get ready to leave the refuge to live on their own in town."
"Winter's end is approaching as Bob trains his puppy to be a hunting dog. Meanwhile, Ray adjusts to life without his daughters; and Heimo tests his physical limitations."
"Sunlight returns to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Season 1 finale, but Heimo is still stunned by a blast of extreme cold. Meanwhile, the Seldens move into a new cabin; and Bob mulls his future after his worst season in 40 years."
Season 3 - The Last Alaskans
"As the Arctic Circle's short summer nears its end, The Last Alaskans begin their preparations for another winter on the trapline."
"As The Last Alaskans settle in to their fall routines in preparation for winter's trapping season, several visitors make their way out to the cabins. Heimo and Edna roll out the red carpet for their youngest daughter Krinn and new grandson, Colby."
"The Last Alaskans are finally home - some for the winter, others for a much shorter stay. Heimo and his youngest daughter Krin hunt for caribou. The Seldens have helpful visitors and an exciting announcement. Bob arrives back at his cabin."
"As the seasons turn, the Last Alaskans are gearing up for trapping season. Heimo's newest cabin may have already fallen victim to a marauding bear. Tyler and Ashley are in full swing building a new home for their growing family."
"With winter just weeks away, The Last Alaskans are desperate to fill their smokehouses. The Selden\u2019s all pitch in to haul home Tyler\u2019s recent moose kill. Heimo and Charlie both worry they might not have meat for the winter months ahead."
"Winter in the Arctic Refuge usually means go time for The Last Alaskans but this year low snowfall is slowing them down - snow machines and dogsleds are useless in these trail conditions."
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Season 4 - The Last Alaskans
"The families prepare for the trapping season. Charlie assesses the damage caused by summer's wildfires. Heimo and Edna struggle to find game birds for dinner."
"Winter is one month away so it's prep time. Charlie's fire-damaged trap line means a tough season ahead, so he preps hard and hunts for his winter meat."
"Tyler and Ashley hope to get some modern amenities by installing a well in their cabin for easy access to water. Heimo takes Krin and Scott caribou hunting."
"The loss of Bob Harteis felt accross the Refuge. Heimo boats to Bob's cabin to bring Bob's possessions to his family."
"Moose season opens; as Charlie looks for a kill, he realizes he's being stalked by a bear."
"As winter closes in, Tyler is on a desperate hunt to get a moose that can feed his family. With the river freezing over, Heimo and Scott race to get his boat off the water. Bob's daughter and ex-wife return to his cabin to honor his memory."
"With temperatures plummeting, Heimo pushes into the Arctic, desperate to get a moose for winter; Charlie and Tyler look to start their trapping seasons but must overcome devastating fire damage on their trap lines."
"With no meat for winter, Heimo is desperate to run his trap line, but he has no choice but to hunt for moose; Krin discovers that a wolf pack is hunting on her trap line; Tyler and Ashley work together to make the most of a recent moose kill."
"Heimo tests his trapping skills on both land and water to outsmart one of his favorite catches, beaver; Scott puts lessons learned to the test as he tracks marten; Tyler's plan to run his sled dog team is threatened when the pack turns on each other."
"Scrambling to finish the trapping season, Heimo discovers the best catch of the season, a wolf; Charlie walks in a legend's footsteps as he works the trap lines Bob left him; Tyler gets the hunting cabin ready for next season."