WAGS Miami

The girls have different problems witj their boyfriends , and they are helping each other , but the group is not perfect

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.9

Season 1 - WAGS Miami
"Series Premiere"
"Hencha confronts Vanessa when she hears a rumor; Darnell tries to patch things up with Claudia; Claudia heads up to Green Bay to support Julius."
"Ashley starts to prep for her wedding; Darnell struggles with some news; Metisha goes on a date; the girls take a trip to Croatia."
"All hell breaks during the trip to Croatia; Darnell is tired of Ashley's lack of consideration."
Season 2 - WAGS Miami
"Astrid and Claudia confront Darnell at her birthday bash, concerned that she\u2019s been going out and partying so much. Ashley wants to start planning her upcoming wedding, but gets derailed by Phil\u2019s trip to the Super Bowl. Kayla sets Astrid up with a sexy baseball player friend."
"In the wake of their huge fight, Hencha gets revenge on Astrid; Ashley dreads breaking the news to her opinionated soon-to-be mother-in-law that they will have a destination wedding."
"Hencha's opinionated mother comes to town and pries into her dating life, offering unsolicited advice; Astrid hosts an anniversary party for her swimwear line where she finds out that Kayla has been acting two-faced."
"Ashley's bachelorette party continues; Phil has his own night out; Darnell interviews a new athlete for her podcast and sparks fly; Claudia agrees to do a photoshoot for Astrid, but cancels at the last minute, causing friction in their relationship."
"Kayla admits to Faven that her marriage is on the rocks; Darnell finds out that Metisha used to date her new guy; Ashley and Phyllis get into a huge fight the day before her wedding when Phyllis questions Ashley's mothering skills."
"No description"